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OK I am learning the rules for next week's demo and I have a situation that I need help resolving. I have the Drow Priestess, down to 10hp and squaring off against the Dragon Knight. The Knight has played Forceful Strike and doing 70hp worth of damage. 

The Priestess has played Close Call in response, allowing her to ignore 40 points of damage. Leaving 30 points left to resolve.  Having done this can she also cower to survive the remaining damage or would you instead have to cower only, take the 7 Morale damage and in this case lose the game? (the Drow morale is 4.)
She can absolutely play the immediate (preventing 40 of the 70 damage) then cower for the remaining 30. 

Cowering is normally done after immediate cards and creature powers take effect to make sure that you are not losing extra morale. 
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