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Calling all competitive Xbox 360 DotP players. I am looking to start a tournament. The cut off date for entry will be 31/07/12 and the tournament will start 04/08/12.

There will be 5 rounds of swiss with each player getting 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. After this we will cut to top 8, top 8 matches will be best of 5 games.

Each player must post their gamertag on this forum to be added to the tournament.

Each player is allowed to use 3 decks throughout the tournament as many times as they like. When you have added your gamertag please message your 3 decks to 'craigj1410'

Each match will be best 2 out of 3. Each player must use the same deck for all 3 games but can use their whole 40 card sideboard for games 2 and 3.

Each match will be given 48 hours to play, if any match has not passed the results back to myself within 72 hours each player will get 0 points.

It has been suggested that we have watchers for each game i.e start a 3v3 game but nobody attack or interact with the watcher. Any other suggestions on how to keep this fair would be much appreciated and if anybody does not want to play but is willing to be a watcher please post your tag too.

Any questions or ideas let me know and hopefully we can make this run as smooth as possible


craigj1410 (gamertag)

We have 28 players entries have closed, I have decided to give 24 hours to anyone who has not submitted there list, just post them on this forum. Anyone who has not will be entered with random decks

CraigJ1410 - Obedient Dead, Goblin Gangland, Crosswinds
Skeleflex - Ancient Wilds, Born of Flame, Obedient Dead
RichMerry - Obedient Dead, Born of Flame, Pack Instinct
PrinzkillaB - Ancient Wilds, Exalted Darkness, Crosswinds
ALM1GHTY - Born of Flame, Obedient Dead, Ancient Wilds
I Abuse Welfare - Born of Flame, Exalted Darkness, Crosswinds
Cortosis Blade  - Obedient Dead, Goblin Gangland, Pack Instinct
Averagegamer90 - Obedient Dead, Pack Instinct, Celestial Light 
TIMTANKTONK - Obedient Dead, Crosswinds, Peacekeepers
nayR2012 - Pack Instinct, Peacekeepers, Crosswinds
SIR Hellraiser - Dream Puppets, Obedient Dead, Crosswinds
shelleight - Obedient Dead, Born of flame, Exalted Darkness 
Midguy - Celestial Light, Exalted Darkness, Ancient Wilds
Wilson71979 - Peacekeepers, Obedient Dead, Celestial Light
Bishop87 - Obedient Dead, Exalted Darkness, Peacekeepers
KrymsonHalo - Peacekeepers, Born of Flame, Obedient Dead
TBx Greenguy - Born of Flame, Goblin Gangland, Exalted Darkness
Suudsu - Exalted Darkness, Pack Instinct, Peacekeepers
NeoDistortion - Born of Flame, Ancient Wilds, Crosswinds
x 7he7ooper - Born of Flame, Pack instinct, Peacekeepers
Murkyblack95 - Obedient Dead, Ancient Wilds, Pack Instinct
DIVINExGEN0CIDE - Born of Flame, Dream Puppets, Obedient Dead
Resident 360 - Obedient Dead, Pack Instinct, PeaceKeepers
Miguel Exe - Obedient Dead, Crosswinds, Born of Flame
x Spanglish x - Dream Puppets, Ancieent Wilds, Goblin Gangland
Dr Frobious - Pack Instinct, Obedient Dead, Crosswinds
KARnage303 - Obedient Dead, Goblin Gangland, Peacekeepers
Facerocker86 - Pack instinct, Exalted Darkness, Peacekeepers
GingerWitSwag - Obedient Dead, Goblin Gangland, Peacekeepers
BerneyBell - Obedient Dead, Ancient Wilds, Crosswinds

Standings Table

TBx Greenguy15
Dr Frobious12
I Abuse Welfare12
x 7he7ooper9
x Spanglish x6
Neo Distortion6

Edit: Added round 1 pairings and results so far

Round 1
PrinzKillaBAncient Wilds1Vsx Spanglish xDream Puppets2
Sir HellraiserNA       1VsMurkyblack95NA       1
TIMTANKTONKObedient DeadVsRichMerryPack Instinct2
SkeleflexNA   DQVsALM1GHTYNA       2
KrymsonHaloObedient Dead1VsshelleightObedient Dead2
Dr FrobiousObedient Dead2VsResident 360Obedient Dead
Averagegamer90Celestial Light1VsNeoDistortionBorn of Flame2
CraigJ1410Obedient Dead2VsnayR2012Pack Instinct1
Wilson71979Celestial LightVsMidguyAncient Wilds2
Cortosis BladeObedient Dead2VsGingerWitSwagGoblin Gangland
Facerocker86Exalted DarknessVsTBx GreenguyGoblin Gangland2
Miguel ExeNADQVsKARnage303NA       2
x 7he7ooperBorn of Flame2VsDIVINExGEN0CIDEBorn of Flame
BerneyBellNA       2VsSuudsuNADQ
I Abuse WelfareExalted Darkness2VsBishop87Obedient Dead1

Edit: Added round 2 pairings and results so far

RichMerryObedient DeadVsDr FrobiousCrosswinds2
x 7he7ooperBorn of FlameVsTBx GreenguyGoblin Gangland2
Cortosis BladeObedient Dead2VsMidguyAncient Wilds
shelleightBorn of FlameVsI Abuse WelfareCrosswinds2
x Spanglish xDream Puppets1VsNeo DistortionBorn of Flame2
CraigJ1410Crosswinds2VsBerneyBellAncient Wilds
KARnage303Goblin Gangland2VsMurkyblack95Ancient Wilds
ALM1GHTYBorn of Flame2VsSir HellraiserObedient Dead
Averagegamer90Pack Instinct2VsPrinzKillaBCrosswinds
GingerWitSwagObedient DeadVsKrymsonHaloPeacekeepers2
Resident 3602VsByeNA

Edit: Added round 3 pairings and results so far

Dr FrobiousCrosswinds2VsALM1GHTYBorn of Flame1
TBx GreenguyBorn of Flame2VsCraigJ1410Crosswinds1
Neo DistortionBorn of FlameVsI Abuse WelfareCrosswinds2
KrymsonHaloPeacekeepers2VsKARnage303Obedient Dead
Cortosis BladeNADQ Vsshelleight NADQ 
Averagegamer90Pack Instinct2VsMidguyAncient Wilds1
NayR2012Pack Instinct1Vsx 7he7ooperBorn of Flame2
RichMerryBorn of Flame1VsFacerocker86Peacekeepers2
x Spanglish xGoblin Gangland2VsBerneyBellAncient Wilds
Resident 360Pack InstinctVsDIVINExGEN0CIDEBorn of Flame2
Murkyblack95 DQ VsPrinzKillaB2
Sir Hellraiser DQ VsTIMTANKTONK2

Edit: Added round 4 pairings and results so far

I Abuse WelfareCrosswinds       1VsDr FrobiousPack Instinct       2
TBx GreenguyGoblin Gangland2VsBerneyBellObedient Dead
KrymsonHaloObedient DeadVsDIVINExGEN0CIDEBorn of Flame2
ALM1GHTYBorn of Flame2Vsx Spanglish xDream Puppets
Neo DistortionAncient WildsVsKARnage303Goblin Gangland2
CraigJ1410Obedient Dead2Vsx 7he7ooperBorn of Flame
Averagegamer90Obedient Dead2VsNayR2012Pack Instinct1
GingerWitSwagPeacekeepers2VsRichMerryPack Instinct1
MidguyNA       2VsResident 360NA    DQ
PrinzKillaBAncient WildsVsTIMTANKTONKCrosswinds2

Edit: Added round 5 pairings and results so far

TBx GreenguyBorn of Flame2VsDr FrobiousPack Instinct1
I Abuse WelfareBorn of Flame2VsDIVINExGEN0CIDEDream Puppets
Averagegamer90Celestial Light1VsFacerocker86Peacekeepers2
CraigJ1410Obedient Dead2VsALM1GHTYBorn of Flame1
KARnage303Goblin GanglandVsTIMTANKTONKPeacekeepers2
GingerWitSwagNA2VsNeo DistortionNADrop
MidguyAncient WildsVsKrymsonHaloObedient Dead2
x Spanglish xGoblin Gangland1Vsx 7he7ooperBorn of Flame2

Top 8 Brackets

Quarter FinalsSemi FinalsFinals
TBx Greenguy - Born of Flame   3
Averagegamer90 - Obedient Dead1TBx Greenguy - Born of Flame3
I Abuse Welfare - Born of Flame2
I Abuse Welfare - Crosswinds 3
ALM1GHTY - Obedient Dead 2
TBx Greenguy - Born of Flame
CraigJ1410 - Obedient Dead3
CraigJ1410 - Obedient Dead3
Facerocker86 - Peacekeepers1CraigJ1410 - Obedient Dead3
KrymsonHalo - Peacekeepers1
Dr Frobious - Obedient Dead1
KrymsonHalo - Peacekeepers 3

Count me in, gamertag = RichMerry.

Not sure what decks to use yet, i'll update within 24 hours. I can take timestamped pictures if proof of game outcomes are needed, but I trust the other players enough to be honest when reporting back. 

On a sidenote when does the first DLC come out? We should agree to just use the starting decks *if* the DLC is out by then.
yes this will be for the starting decks only and if successful I will run one including the new decks.
Im in, my gamertag is BerneyBell
I'll be using Obediant Dead, Ancient Wilds, and Crosswinds
I'm certainly in, my gamer tag is: Skeleflex
Count me in also !! Gamertag- ALM1GHTY . I ran a duels tournament for the Xbox forums last year and for the most part it ran smoothly . 1 issue I did have was people with conflicting schedules . Some players just had opposite lifestyle or timezones making some matchups take a week to finally get done. Hopefully that doesn't happen in this tourney!!
I Abuse Welfare

I'll be terrible a player and run Born of Flame, Exalted Darkness, and Crosswinds.
Im in, Cortosis Blade,

OD, GG, Garruks deck

Will watch this topic like a hawke!
Im in. Gamertag is Averagegamer90.

I actually havent had a whole lot of time to play 2013 so I only have 2 decks unlocked so far. Lifegain, and garruk.
I'm down. How are we supposed to monitor duels though? It will be possible to scedule 2 people dueling at a time, but adding another may make things more difficult. Anyway, here my info:

Decks: Crosswinds, Obedient Dead, and Goblin Gangland
I think we will just have to trust people to be honest. After all if people are not then the next tournaments we run they don't participate.

What do you guys think of this - make the top 8 best out of 5 and allow players to use any of their 3 decks they registered?
Count me in. I'm going to do some more testing before I e-mail in my 3 decks though. I don't think players disagreeing on results will be a problem, but I will just snap a picture of the last turn with my phone just in case.
I think we will just have to trust people to be honest. After all if people are not then the next tournaments we run they don't participate.

What do you guys think of this - make the top 8 best out of 5 and allow players to use any of their 3 decks they registered?

When I ran the Xbox live forum tournament all players would message me once the matches were done over Xbox live and if they could post on the forums with their results . We also used a free site for the ladder brackets so all can see who won, loss and look ahead for future matches ups !! Cheating or Lying was never an issue and from what i can tell these forums shouldnt have a issue either. but with everybody having cell phones a quick picture just incase would be a good idea. Also I recorded all my matches and posted them up on youtube so players who couldn't make it in or people in the tourney could check out the action first hand !! Looking forward to finally getting in another mtg tournament .
GT: nayR2012
XBL Gamertag: The Shutdown

I'm pretty sure I can play in this tourney, as long as the matches start towards the evening (Pacific standard time) on August 4th.
As far as decks go, I'm not sure which 3 I would like to use yet. I would like to do some more testing first.

@monk1410: Do I HAVE to post the decks I want to use here in this forum post?
Or can I just send my choices to you in a message on XBL?

EDIT: Also, will there a prize for the winner/winners? (Not that it matters much, I'll still play anyways)
And if so, will there be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize, or just a 1st place prize? 
Hi the shutdown, feel free to message me your 3 decks, I will publish what decks people are using after the closing date. Also there is no prize fund as it is a free tournament.
I think we will just have to trust people to be honest. After all if people are not then the next tournaments we run they don't participate.

What do you guys think of this - make the top 8 best out of 5 and allow players to use any of their 3 decks they registered?

I like the best out of 5 idea. Many times with highly skilled players, a loss can come down to a bad draw or opening hand. How about opeing up the decks available though? At least when we get to the top tiers?
Just giving this a bump, ideally we want at least 5 more players
SIR Hellraiser  

Times Available  m-F anytime after 7   SUn and sat pretty much all day  if not after 7 

Decks  dream puppets Obiendent Dead  and crosswinds 
I'm in. Tag-shelleight. Still thinking on the decks though...
I'd be interested.  Gamertag is Midguy.

I'll message my decks before cutoff date.  Not sure on them right now.  One of them is Chandra's deck for sure though
I'm in!  My gamertag is  Wilson71979  just send me a friend invite.  I will message you the 3 decks I will be using once I narrow them down.

A question though:  I haven't played one of these tournaments before, and even though you explained the rules as far as matches and stuff, I am al little confused about some of it.  Do you think it would be possible to explain again, but more in-depth thhis time?  Like,  what do you mean by 'swiss' rounds?  What are the points for, if you lose are you still in or what?  Is it round-robin style where you play everyone?

Thanks in advance, sorry for the inconveinience but I greatly appreciate your help!  :-)

well, that looks like its 16 people (I think) participating so far. how many people do you think will be the optimal amount for the tourny to run smoothly?
Wouldn't mind see how this goes.

Gamertag: Bishop87

Deck: all except exalted. 
Would love to play...due to the Olympics...I'll have to wait until the next one. Good luck Monk! Also, I read somewhere that "Virgin Gaming" would be integrating their software with Xbox Live to allow tournaments with various games. Can anyone confirm this?

Does anyone know if these games would include Arcade titles like D13?  
I'd be up for playing.  Don't like the idea of a 3rd player, simply because I use a few cards that affect "opponents", but I'd take the free Exanguinate life.

Gamertag: KrymsonHalo 

Deck: Don't care, I'll pick 3 and pm them I guess. (I prefer the Play any deck, but that is your deck for the 3 game series, switch decks between rounds if you so choose, method, personally) 
How many rounds are we doing before the Top 8 is determined?
5 rounds then top 8, unless you guys wanna change it?
Signed up just to answer to this post :P
Im in, GT: TBx Greenguy
My favourite decks change daily so let me know when the deadline to tell you which decks im playing and i'll let you know
The only problem is I live in England so time zones may be an issue.. Im on most of the time so we'll see.. And good luck guys!
I live in England too, where about are you from
I'm in; GT: Dr Frobious

Not sure which decks I want to use yet, but I'll figure it out soon.
I live in England too, where about are you from

North west, In Bolton, near Manchester pal, you?
Sure, I'll play.

But please, dear God please send me a PM when this thing gets underway. I'm very apt to forget about it.

GT: Suudsu 


Coventry, guys I am going away for a few days with work, I will send a final reminder on Thursday
Why not?

GT: NeoDistortion

Decks: Ancient Wilds, Crosswinds, and Born of Flame.

I agree too, it would be awesome if someone could send a mass reminder message on Live a day or so beforehand.
GT: x 7he7rooper
Decks: Born of Flame, Pack Instinct, Goblin Gangland 
I PMed my deck on XBL.

ANy timeframe on this kicking off?
any word?
I will play my GT: Murkyblack95

My decks will be  Obedient Dead, Ancient Wilds, Pack Instinct
IM in gamertag is : DIVINExGEN0CIDE   (note the O is a zero 0)

My decks will be  Born of Flame, Dream puppets, Obedient Dead,
Hi All

I am back home tomorrow so will update my list. Only 4 days to go until I close entries. Anyone who hasn't sent me their 3 decks or still want to join do it quickly. I will put a list on the first page tomorrow for who has entered and update with decklists on 01/08


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