My tournament mono black vampire deck. Would love suggestions!

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Hello all! I entered my first tournament yesterday (for M13), and I placed in 8th! I'm pretty new to the game (started 5 months ago, with a borrowed deck), I bought my own deck a month ago, and have been adding to it since. I was a Yugioh player, but I think the game has gotten stupid. I can say that I enjoy playing Magic much more! Anyways, I was pretty happy with myself considering it was only tourny #1. 

I ran these cards:

24 Swamp

4 Vampire Nighthawk
3/4 Gatekeeper of Malakir Started off with three, but switched out to add a fourth
3/4 Bloodghast Started out with 4, but switched to 3. 
3 Malakir Bloodwitch (This thing absolutely destroyed a mono white deck)
3 Viscera Seer
2/3 Pulse Tracker(started with three, ended up liking two better)
2 Kalastria Highborn (didn't get much usage out of them; only pulled like 3 times)
2 Vampire Nocturnus (2013) (would have used more, but were very pricey)
2 Go For the Throat
2 Blade of the Bloodchief (such an amazing card when you can sac out Bloodghast each turn)
Diabolic Revelation (2013) (Decided to try this card out, ended up getting three. Saved my ass so many times)
1 Disentomb (2013) (Was only like 50 cents, so I tried it out, ended up keeping it in the deck)
1 Vampire Hexmage (was really a placeholder, but helped me kill that stupidly OPed new Liliana).
1 Duress
1 Demon's Horn (bought to try out, and I loved it. I got lucky, I pulled it in 4 matches)
1 Mark of the Vampire (2013)
1 Dismember (that I NEVER drew!) 
1 Sorin Markov

Since yesterday, I have decided to remove:
-1 Vampire Hexmage (side board)
-1 Disentomb (I liked it, but one seems useless[/c] (sideboard or removed)
-1 Duress (sideboard)
-1 Demon's Horn (Although it was fun to use, it's not really a card to run in my deck, would use in casual though.) 
-1 Dismember (removed)

And would like to add:
+2 Vampire Nocturnus (haven't decided between three or four yet)
+2 Sign in Blood (a lot of my draws were bad, so I need to add this) 
+1 Bloodghast (obviously a great card) 

Thanks for reading, and I would love opinions and suggestions!  
Too many 1 copies of cards so your win/loss ratio is a big game of russian roulette rather than a game of strategy.
I recommend removing or putting these cards on your sideboard....
Vampire Hexmage
Pulse Tracker
Demon's Horn

I'd just limit the amount of creatures you have and increase the quanitity.
4 Vampire Nocturnus
4 Vampire Nighthawk
3 Gatekeeper of Malakir
4 Bloodghast
2 Malakir BloodWitch
4 Viscera Seer
3 Kalastria Highborn

That puts you at 24 creatures
4 - 1 drops
10 - 2 Drops
4 - 3 drops
4 - 4 drops
2 - 5 drops

Giving you a pretty good chance of getting creatures out every turn to drop Malakir BloodWitch or Kalastria Highborn for high damage.

Then for spells I'd probably go
4 x Duress
4 x Go for the Throat
2 x Sorin Markov
3 x Dismember

This allows you to prevent certain field wiping spells with Duress and keep the field clear for your vampires with Go for the Throat and Dismember

Then 22 x Swamp

Why don't you add red? There are so many great red vampires. Falkenrath Marauders, Curse of the Stalked Prey and Rakish Heir just to name a few.But your deck is pretty good already. Smile
I've always been fond of Anowon, The Ruin Sage, but the recently printed Necropolis Regent is likely the best beater for this deck type.
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