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I have a friend who has been trying to get his account unlocked for weeks.  When he called, the outsourced technicaly support accused him of being a scammer and disabled his account.  And now nothing he has been able to try has worked.  He has tried contacted supervisors.  He has talked with vairous people on the phone.  The problem is that he activated the account with his school email address, which he no longer has access to and he has hundreds of dollars of cards on it.  Does anyone know who he can call to fix this?

A) Why are you having to ask for help instead of him?
B) The only people that can help are:

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Additionally, why didn't he use a more perm. email or change the email address after?
There are a lot of 'free' email services that he could have used.

Sounds specious.

Guess what? Chicken butt.