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Does Flail expertise +Stygian adept lvl eleven feature + staggering weapon (+3) + dragging flail fighter feat + hindering shield + demoralizing strike = slide enemy four squares, knock prone, -2 to attack, and slow?
Correct on the mechanics.  You have 2 instances of slide here.

Demoralizing Strike plus the Stygian Adept level 11 feature gives you a slide 1, which you convert to a prone via Flail Expertise.

Since you just proned an enemy using a flail, Dragging Flail gives you a slide 1, which is boosted to a total of slide 4 from your Staggering weapon.  And you just made an enemy slide, so Hindering Shield slowed them.

You're misreading Demoralizing Strike though, the target suffers -2 to all defenses instead of -2 to attack rolls.

Bargle wrote:
This is CharOp. We not only assume block-of-tofu monsters, but also block-of-tofu DMs.

Zelink wrote:
You're already refluffing, why not refluff to something that doesn't suck?
Haha oops yeah I was typing w out thinking. But sweet, an at will prone slide debug and slow! Does this work as well with the augment two?
Debuff. Stupid auto correct.
The Augment 2 is a close burst, not a melee attack, so the prone part of flail expertise does not apply, but the stygian adept feature still does so you get the slide 4 and the slow (and debuff of course).
Well I can't have it all
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