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I will just jump right in.

My hometown is about 10,000 people, and we have a large mtg player base for the size. With that said, we do not have a store to play at. The only store in town that sells mtg stuff doesn't host things like FMN or prerelease or even give players a place to play together. The only options we as players have for that sort of stuff is to go to the closest city (over an hour away) and that can get very very expensive with gas and time.

So my question is, how can we as players, do something to get a place with sanctioned FMN and other forms of regular play. Can any business become a place that can do sanctioned tournament stuff? What kind of arguments could we use to persuade our store owner to do this?

Basically how can my hometown and area get somewhere to play sanctioned mtg (fnm, prereleases, and other formats)

Thank you
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There is a "find a store" map somewhere on the site.

Look for small-time places. Since the Magic community is part of a niche market, there's plenty of room for small-time places, and it's part of Wizards' current business model.
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I have used the "find a store" map. The closest place to my hometown on the map is minimum 91.43 km. That place actually doesnt host any events (I have been) they only sell the product. The closest place to play FNM or prerelease of anything like that is minimum 98.33 km away. ( I dont know where they get their numbers from, but driving, it is more like 125-130 km away.)

This is the reason I am asking about this issue. There are no places to play that aren't a really long ways away.
Here, I believe the information you seek can be found here: 
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Is it possible/legal for one of yours to step up and become a judge/tournament organizer without owning a store?

Something tells me know, but am unsure.  If that is allowed, then this might work.

Related to this is if the store you do have lets someone else operate as the TO and judge there for events.

Good luck!

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Yes, you can be a TO (Tournament Organizer) without owning a store. However, you have to meet a number of requirements in order to get to the 'hosting FNM' level, and it's difficult to keep a crowd and especially get new players without the resources a store has (Room to play, an established clientele, product for use as prizes, decks to sell to new players, etc)
Immature College Student (Also a Rules Advisor)
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