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OK this is just a wish on my part. But It would be really cool if they created a warforged theme pack for DnD encounters. Maybe having the Lord of blades as the comander. And add in a warforged titan.

I usually play an Eberron campaign, so to me it would be double usefull I will freely admit, but I love the Idea behind all these miniatures, that they finaly are non random. It helps so much.
My personal bias leads to a Dark Sun wish... a DC faction from Athas would be a personal dream come true. I wonder how viable such an idea could be in the span of Dungein Command?
There are plenty of ideas for warbands in D&D.  Just jumping around the Forgotten Realms from the top of my head:

  • Zhentarim

  • Thay

  • Silverymoon

  • Harpers

  • Orcs of the Kingdom of Many-Arrows

  • Barbarians of the Spine of the World

  • Returned Dragonborn

  • Waterdeep

  • Cormanthyr

  • Mithril Hall

If there's a new faction every two or three months,  they could keep me interested for years without ever leaving the Realms.  Not that I'd be against stuff from Athas or Eberron.