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Typically what I see in soldier decks involves token usage, however in this case I did not. I hope I have the correct term used (In this case beatdown, its been 2 years since I've been involved in this game ;D ). This is my first deck in several years, and out of loving white spells and soldiers, I've been focusing on a white soldier beatdown type deck. Its not tournament legal, it would be ruined if it was, haha. Anyway here is the deck list.
Lands: 24
Lands: Plains - x24

Creatures: 24

Spells: 19

Total Cards:  67

Purpose of Deck: To essentially beat down my opponents with powerful creatures & spells. Most of the creatures I would get would cost around 2 mana, and without spells would be typical. however lot of my +1/+1 spells would boost these guys fast. Shared Triumph, Crusade, and Honor of the Pure cost 2 mana each, and having 2 of each of these can really bump up creatures. As you can see I also have several creatures that give out +1/+1 bonuses while also giving them extra abilities such as Vigilance, First, etc. Also soldier spells that allow me to bring the big ones out faster ( cost 1 mana less to play). Then when I run into any problems I have Holy Days, Oblivion Rings, Divine Reflection, and Pennon Blade to give a single unit a large boost in power. Ajani is mainly a extra, but you can see how he can be useful.

Goal: To make this deck smaller & more efficient. I planned on getting some Pearl Medallions, which would allow me to take out my ballyrush bannerets, <a href="http://www.cardkingdom.com/catalog/item/185662" rel="nofollow">Champion of the Parish</a> would be a great edition to this type of deck. I could also throw in another captain of the watch, though due to her cost, I wouldn't find a good reason to. I also still need to get another Loxodon, since that creature can do quite well in making the opponents job tougher. Elspeth planeswalker would be amazing, but he is out of my price range LOL

But basically I would love to hear everyones input and advice on how to improve this deck. I know 67 is likely too many cards, least most of the spells are pretty cheap.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. My first deck in 2 years :D

EDIT: Still no replies.. I came here for feedback, is this not a good place? 
Feedback would be appreciated...
Since soldiers don't really have BIG creatures, you have to build an army and MAKE them big. I'd max out Honor of the Pure and Shared Triumph, as well as getting more Field Marshals, Daru Warchiefs and Captain of the Watch. And while tokens aren't the only way to go, I wouldn't IGNORE them. Mobilization might be a good add, just to ensure you have enough coming. Also, consider Catapult Master for some good creature removal. White does much better at rush then it does at elite creature combat, so remember to overwhelm. But be wary of Board Sweepers (Wrath of GodInfest, etc.) 

Good luck! 
Welcome to the boards, Wispheus!

My Soldier deck might be the one I enjoy the most; it is certainly the most likely to be borrowed in my metagame, so others like it, too.  That said, my metagame is sweeper-lite and primarily a multiplayer free-for-all (MP FFA) experience.

Still, Doomed Traveler and Soltari Foot Soldier make great 1-drops, even with my limited mass pump spells - Marshal's Anthem and Field Marshals only.  I prefer to use equipment backed by my token hordes.  Veteran's Armaments works the best with tokens, but a variety of other high-powered pieces of equipment makes the shadow guys fearsome: Quietus Spike, Sword of Fire and Ice, Loxodon Warhammer.

I also have a subtheme of bouncing my guys with Kor Skyfisher.  Not only is he a flying soldier, the Skyfisher lets me replay Kor Hookmasters (much better in a duel), Benalish Commander, and Captain of the Watch (hmm... another pumper) for a bit more oomph. 

As a monowhite creature-heavy deck, Emeria, the Sky Ruin keeps my guys more resilent.  Kjeldoran Outpost is a thematic land that keeps me in the tokens, alongside Mobilization and several sorceries, with Martial Coup being my favorite (I should find more of these).  Nomads' Assembly and its rebound is also good for a quick increase.

Other singles and pairs round this deck out.

Again, this deck works in my meta.  YMMV.

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Why do you have Crusade in there when Honor of the Pure is straight-up better and cheaper (although they effectively cost the same in your deck, and the "better" only matters if your opponent has white creatures too). Is it just that you only have 2 copies of Honor of the Pure?
I can only purchase so much each paycheck. I already have a playset of crusade, I have tons of cards like them. I purchased honor of the pure to slowly eat away my crusades, since I know the big drawback is when I face another white deck.

@Krich, I like a lot of those cards, I have most of those too. I try to collect soldier cards. Though I don't have some of those artifacts or cards in your last paragraph, I will certainly look into them.


I just added in a Akroma's Memorial, so if I have that out, lot of board wipers become ineffective ;D.

Until my Odric and ring of thunes come in, currently my current additions and take outs are;

- x1 ballyrush banneret
- x2 Crusade
- x4 Holy Day

My additions;

+2 Lost Leonin
+2 Marshal's Anthem
+1 Akroma's memorial 

My reasoning;

I seem to have plenty of power bumpers in my deck already, and so I replaced Crusades (Which are not efficient anyway) with marhal's Anthem, which yes is double the cost, howevr I can use its kicker ability to bring back a dead soldier back to the battlefield as many times as it was kicked. Plus it gives +1/+1, early game it won't work. But late game if a big creature was killed off? Sure. I also removed Holy Days because its fluff, sure they could be useful, but as I have been told I need to focus more on aggro then defensive. Though I normally like having some just in case. So I am not so defensless. I removed Ballyrush Banneret, just one, because taking this one out I still have 5 soldier cards that reduce the cost of soliders, which I actually prob don't even need this many. Most of my cards are low cost anyway. Lastly, I just pulled Akroma's Memorial, and its the one kind of card I've always wanted in this kind of deck. Is it necessary? Probably not, but it will definately seal the deal for me in terms of power.

oh I also added 2 Lost Leonin, just because.. Lol, It doesn't really have a real purpose or usefulness, so I can take it out whenever.

I have though about removing my bannerets and replace them with 2 Pearl medallions. Thoughts on that?


Oh! Also, what about Curse of the Exhaustion? Granted this isn't a control deck but in a deck thats suppose to be pretty fast, would this card not help my cause? Drastically slow down the other player? Including when paired with my Loxodon gatekeeper, which any spells my opponent control come into play tapped (creatures & lands to be precise). This could in turn be paired with witchbane orb, basically makes it so that can't target ME with spells. However I think this combo is an entirely different deck concept.
Mixing infect with noninfect puts your deck at cross-purposes with itself.  I recommend the Lost Leonin become lost again.

Apparently, the trick with Curse of Exhaustion is to run it alongside Knowledge Pool, resulting in a hard lock.  It is mana-intensive, though, and is best in a deck all its own.

If you collect soldier cards, you might consider a second soldier deck along different lines.  Soldier-Equipment is possible, as well as Bird Soldiers, Kithkin Soldiers, and (provided you can find/afford them) Horsemanship Soldiers.

As an aside, Ballynock Trapper and Armored Ascension can be quite effective in monowhite creature-based decks.  Patrol Signaler promises to be amusing alongside Catapult Master

I'm not a fan of Valiant Guard, as it is not aggressive enough.  There are a wide variety of aggressive 1-drops, though, for you to replace it with.

For what it is worth, I prefer cards like Crusade over Honor of the Pure, because I firmly believe that magic should have the potential of backfiring, just like in many stories and legends.  Sadly, WotC's R&D (and apparently, many players) disagree and keep printing cards that can only benefit the caster.  Alas...

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I would definitely use more of the soldier lords over enchantments like Crusade or Honor of the Pure.  They synergise better with the rest of your soldiers.

Akroma's Memorial is nice in an army deck, but doesn't do anything to protect from board sweepers (almost no one uses damage to wipe boards anymore, which is the only thing the memorial would protect from).

Try Eldrazi Monument if you want sweeper protection.  With some minimal token production (I like the two Elspeths for token production, as they bring some other nice abilities along as well when you need them.  The aforementioned Captain of the Watch brings tokens as well.  I've never been a big fan of Mobilization but it is a nice mana dump late game I suppose.

EDIT: As for lands, I've recently become a fan of Flagstones of Trokair.  It provides some nice deck thinning in a color not well known for it beyond Land Tax
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Elspeth, Knight-Errant single is priced artificially high she comes in tthe elspeth vs. tezzret decks which come with both planeswalkers and fairly good premade soldier and artifact decks for like $30 if i remember right. other than that and what people have mentioned maybe Gerrard Capashen angel's feather hold the line and i've always liked enlistment officer there is more i just can't remember names right now.

Personally I prefer enchantments because a creature is more likely to be targeted/destroyed, cheap yet powerful enchantments are more safe & stable. Though I do have plenty of +1/+1 creature givers.

And my apologies, I was thinking of Eldrazi monument when I was talking about Akromas Memorial, I thought that was the one that made creatures indestructible. However, least with Akroma out, my creatures are protected from burns and creature kill spells from black.

Elspeth has been on my wish list for a very long time, he is just a tad expensive to get a hold of.

I agree, I will remove Lost Leonin (My deck is around 60 cards in size now.) 
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