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I know WotC is largely focused on D&D Next at the moment, but I wish they would take time to consider putting out some one-shot games for other genres.  They did this with Gamma World and I think the result was largely well-received.  Why don't they keep doing this to diversify their games portfolio?  How about a Steampunk game?  A Space Opera game?  A Weird West game?  I would be much more likely to purchase these than YET ANOTHER D&D BOARD GAME. 

MY friend it has already been given just use your imagination that fire ball Mage spell becomes a techno incendiary grenade.....No rules in extensive modifications it what I do. I run a space opera/fantasy that uses D&D as a back bone and it’s incredibly fun players make their own spells I assign their cost (we use a mana system from a different game but other thing are D&D) I give them a basic set ect*

edit but I will agree WotC losses a sizable base of customers by not having these thing avaible

A new d20 Modern like a universal mult-genre d20 RPG could be tried, but the difficoult hard part is getting the right balance of power.

Let´s imagine d20 Spectacular, the d20 superheroes by WotC is created. Can you calculate the right XP value of a dinosaur (for example, a tyranosaur rex) if it is killed by ancient weapons from d20 Past, or by a mecha by d20 Future?  

I suposse the next step could be a d20 Gaslamp Fantasy/clockpunk setting..(Ravenloft could be perfect for it). 

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I like this. I realize Wizards wants to push the DDI but a lot of us don't like subscriptions. PDFs for this kind of thing that we could buy would help gage demand for alternative genres.
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