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Hi everyone,
I'm still very new to deckbuilding and I'm trying to make a Grand Architect deck because it seems like a cool card and none of my friends have made a deck based around it. Having put it together and playing it a few times, I've noticed a few problems and could use some help. But first, the decklist.

Creatures (21)

[deck]4x Invisible Stalker[/deck]
[deck]4x Grand Architect[/deck]
[deck]4x Treasure Mage[/deck]
[deck]2x Steel Hellkite[/deck]
[deck]1x Myr Battlesphere[/deck]
[deck]2x Platinum Emperion[/deck]

Spells (12)
[deck]4x Mana Leak[/deck]
[deck]4x Vapor Snag[/deck]
[deck]4x Ponder[/deck]

Artifacts (3)
[deck]3x Runechanter's Pike[/deck]

Land (24)
[deck]24x Island[/deck]

No sideboard yet. Need to get that going.

Here are a few relevant thoughts:
1) Wurmcoil Engine was just too much money; I play too casually to spring for that. Instead, I just grabbed a few of the larger, less expensive artifact creatures to take it's place. I figured having a variety would allow me to choose the best one for the situation but I almost always just reach for Platinum Emperion
2) Delver of Secrets and Runechanter's Pike are just not working with my deck as constructed. I'm sure that's what you were all going to say first anyway. There just aren't enough instants or sorceries for it to consistently flip.
3) I'm wondering if that means I should drop Invisible Stalker too since he is really only worthwhile if he has something to boost his damage.

If I dropped Delver, Stalker and the Pike, I'd be losing 4 one-cmc, and 7 two-cmc cards (4 of which are creatures). But what should I replace them with? At first I was thinking Myr SirePerilous Myr, and Shape Anew but then I realized that the creatures kind of need to be blue, and running those artifacts would drasitically lower my chances of drawing one of my large creatues anyway. But it seems like they need to be mostly creatures, to take advantage of the Architect, right?

Soooooo, I'm kind of at a loss. Azure MageFog BankMerfolk LooterStitcher's Apprentice (might work with Shape Anew...)? Void StalkerWingcrafter could be interesting. Have also thought of Elgaud Shieldmate to protect my fatties even though it is a lot of mana. But really I have no idea. Help!

Also, if you don't mind, could use some sideboard ideas too. =)
A lot of times I will think of something I really like for a deck then I just can't get it to work once I start. This seems like it may be one of those times. The reason for this is that grand architect only gives a +1/+1 boost and other effects. While these effects are nice, he shouldn't be card that one builds an entire deck around. 
No other advice other than, "do something else"?
I saw a deck like this that used the Illusion Suite from M12. Phantasmal Bear/Dragon/whatever on a good curve with Lord of the Unreal to keep them alive. Both Architect and Lord of the Unreal pump up the illusions making it a good aggro deck (they're already above curve). Then pop in some "free" Wurmcoil engines while keeping counter mana up and you can quick switch to a control mode if the fight lanes get clogged up. That'd be my take, personally, or something similar.