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suppose i have a Soldevi Machinist and i use that mana to activate ice cauldron's first ability, exiling (say) a sorcery card.
can i then use ice cauldron's second ability, getting back the stored mana that originally came from soldevi machinist, and use that mana on my sorcery (even though my sorcery is not an artifact)?

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Soldevi Machinist
ice cauldron

The cauldron only takes the type and amount of mana paid to activate the first ability, not for what it must be used.

The mana from the second ability must be used only for casting the non-land card. The limitation from the machinist has nothing to do anymore with the abilities from the cauldron.

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The Basic rulebook, read it! A lot of basic questions are answered there!

How to autocard :
Type [c]Black Lotus[/c] to get Black Lotus.
Type [c=Black Lotus]The Overpowered One[/c] to get The Overpowered One.

ok, that makes sense. thanks.
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