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I just need some help with cards.
Im playing mono red deck and i have Tyrant of Discord in it. Since my deck is mono red i cant use momentary blink or cloudshift.
I wont change deck to white/red so i decided to put in mimic vat to abuse Tyrant of Discord.

Now i need you to help me with land cards, so i can normaly use red mana and white if needed. Its not necessary that lands are modified, artifacts would be great also as long i can use white mana to play instants like momentary blink or cloudshift.
Its casual deck btw.

Don't forget Conjurer's Closet, it's a very good way to abuse Tyrant of Discord - it's 5 mana, but still cheap enough that it'll be ready to go before the Tyrant is.

 Your best low-cost options for bringing white into your deck are probably things like Evolving Wilds / Terramorphic Expanse plus a few basic Plains to search for. Dual-lands that cover opposite colours are less common than allied-colour lands, but consider Boros Garrison as a reasonably cheap option. Sacred Foundry and or Arid Mesa are the best bet, but they're relatively expensive. 

You could also consider artifacts, as they also help you ramp into your Tyrant of Discord - Boros Signet is the obvious one, also consider Darksteel Ingot and Gilded Lotus.

Hope this helps.
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