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I don't know if this is too broad but -

Is there anyone on the forums who is interested in discussing Kingdoms of Kalamar for D20?  Our current long-term primary campaign in 3.5e is in this setting, a good-aligned group working for the Kalamaran Empire.  We are heavily focused on diplomacy and political issues.  I have searched the boards, and I am starved for conversation.
I just saw this thread. I hope you haven't lost interest since Jun.

You could try the Kingdoms of Kalamar forum over at The Piazza. The Piazza is an indepedent forum, originally for out of print campaign settings, that was set up, nearly 5 years back. Since it was set up, The Piazza has added forums for newer and older D&D settings like Kingdoms of Kalamar, World of Warcraft, Eberron, Nentir Vale, Wilderlands, forums for sub-settings for both Mystara (like Hollow World) and Forgotten Realms (like Maztica) and several non-D&D settings (like Scarred Lands and Traveller). And it is still expanding as more people start threads about more settings (and the minority settings move towards the point when they can get their own forum).

If you want to get more hard-core, Kenzer & Co have their own forums. K&C are working on their bespoke HackMaster system now, but you will find areas where 3rd Edition Kingdoms of Kalamar products can be discussed.

I post more at The Piazza (as I like the other settings they support there) but I'm sure both places would love to have more Kingdoms of Kalamar fans onboard.

Since the 2008 forum changes I have spent more time on The Piazza than on Wizards of the Coast's forums. The Piazza's Campaign Settings area has since grown to cover more than 30 different campaign settings and its rules area (called The Crunchy Bits) has grown to cover 10 different RPG systems, including clone systems like Pathfinder and C&C and a free to download retro-clone built at The Piazza called Dark Dungeons.

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