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OK so I have looked through the cards, and had a little moc playthrugh alone. And then I stumbled upon the Intrigue card: Recal Agent. And I can't really see the point of the card.
To my understanding, you get one of your agents back to your agent pool, but you have wasted an agent to gain the use of another agent... Am I missing something, or is the card as stupid as I think it is?
The agent at Waterdeep Harbor will get to act again at the end of the round, so sending an agent there to play an Intrigue card is not wasted - - though the choices available when he activates again will likely be less.

Furthermore, let's say you're the last to go. You send your last agent to Waterdeep Harbor and play Recall Agent. You remove the other agent from the board (from an awesome building) and add him to your pool. Now, as the only player with an agent in your pool, you get to deploy him - - right back into that awesome building you wanted to hit twice this round . . . and you'll still get to play your Waterdeep Harbor agent before the end of the round.


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Aha, now I sudenly understood it all alot better. Sorry not your explanation, but it still makes sense now that I understand. My problem was that I had not read the rules propperly, so I didn't know that you got your waterdeep harbour agents back at the end of the round. Now scheeming makes even more sense. And now your explanation is sound tactical advice, before when I thought that I did not regain the man, well then it sounded a bit silly.

Well thanks for the help.
Aaand I'm still no good at reading it seems, since you actually explained it propperly. Sorry about that... This is why I should not be on the forums late at night :P
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