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Hey wondering if this deck could use any improvments? any replacement cards suggested?


4x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=ARB" title="Mage Slayer" rel="nofollow">Mage Slayer</a>
4x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=WWK" title="Amulet of Vigor" rel="nofollow">Amulet of Vigor</a>
4x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=GPT" title="Rumbling Slum" rel="nofollow">Rumbling Slum</a>
4x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=SHM" title="Mossbridge Troll" rel="nofollow">Mossbridge Troll</a>
4x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=ALA" title="Thunder-Thrash Elder" rel="nofollow">Thunder-Thrash Elder</a>
4x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=ALA" title="Rip-Clan Crasher" rel="nofollow">Rip-Clan Crasher</a>
4x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=ARB" title="Bloodbraid Elf" rel="nofollow">Bloodbraid Elf</a>
4x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=ARB" title="Godtracker of Jund" rel="nofollow">Godtracker of Jund</a>
4x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=ARB" title="Spellbreaker Behemoth" rel="nofollow">Spellbreaker Behemoth</a>
4x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=ARB" title="Naya Hushblade" rel="nofollow">Naya Hushblade</a>
4x <a target="_blank" href=";s%20Aria&amp;Edition=ARB" title="Mayael&#039;s Aria" rel="nofollow">Mayael's Aria</a>
4x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=LRW" title="Mosswort Bridge" rel="nofollow">Mosswort Bridge</a>
4x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=LRW" title="Spinerock Knoll" rel="nofollow">Spinerock Knoll
7x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=UNH" title="Forest" rel="nofollow">Forest</a>
7x <a target="_blank" href=";Edition=UNH" title="Mountain" rel="nofollow">Mountain</a>

so how to win:

If you can hideaway the Aria and then trigger the Troll during your upkeep then you win.
Amulet of vigor to help with the slow lands
Rip-clan crasher to eat all the little creatures to get real big real fast
Mage slayer to help with the Spinerock Knoll

 now do u guys have good strategys of how to trigger the troll consitentanly at beginning of upkeep when im ready to do it?  

and wat woulds be some good sideboard for maybe blue control, aggro(green,red, or white),anti-path to exile
windbrisk heights is also an option for a hideaway land...which one would work better?
The aria won't trigger if it isn't on the battlefield at the beginning of your upkeep. You'd have to bring it out at the end of your opponent's turn.
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