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[Primordial Hydra]

To me it looks powerfull, as well as having four of five stars on gatherer. -> ☆☆☆☆

Although, there is plenty of dislike as well. This seems to be summarized as examples of better creatures for given values of the X, as well as it's ease of removal, although it's no easier to remove than any other creature it does need to hang around for a number of turns to build power.

Thease are valid, and the only time I've played with one it was indeed removed quickly, whats more this was in a sealed tournament.

However, not everyone will play much removal and you may have several in your deck, when one is removed the others will continue to gain power. The chart below shows what happens if they are able to stick around for a few turns, from just one counter.

turn, power and defence, trample?, D20s to represent +1/+1 tokens

4, 8, no, 1
6, 32, yes, 2
7, 64, yes, 4
10, 512, yes, 26
15, 16 384, yes, 820

similarly starting with 3 tokens

2, 6, no, 1
3, 12, yes, 1
5, 48, yes, 3
13, 12 288, yes, 615

Presuming you were going to play a playset of [Primordial Hydra] in a green deck in standard, how much and with what means would it be protected?
I think this may belong somewhere else, but out of curiousity, mono-green? Or are you down to add another color?

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That is a lovely painting of Richard Garfield. It really brings out his feminine side.
If you're playing Mono-Green Stompy in Standard, Dungrove Elder is so much better than the Hydra it's not funny.
If Wizards put hundred dollar bills in each pack, players would complain that they weren't folded right.
The question itself is intended to be somewhat hypothetical, but it could go in a mono green deck on mine.

Thanks, Dungrove Elder is indeed impressive, reminds me of the Omaneth of Mana.

Dungrove is better faster, and dosn't tap all the mana to get out. At the expense of greater power later, but it does seem better.
Primordial Hydra suffers from the problem that just about every single deck in standard right now has one or ways to deal with the Hydra long before it becomes a problem. Zombies can Victimize it, Delver can leak or snag it, and by the time it's big enough to be a threat Wolf Run Ramp will just kill you.

Left alone it's a solid card, but if you can't guarantee it'll be left alone it tends to be lackluster, especially since you have to dump a bunch of mana in it to make it useful within a reasonable amount of time. Compare to Dungrove Elder or Predator Ooze, but of which are three mana and do a good job of protecting themselves.
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At many casual tables, Primordial Hydra trumps Dungrove Elder because it grows so large, so quickly, despite its glaring weakness.

That said, I like to Channel my Hydra - it is a gamble, but when it pays off, it becomes truly hilarious.

A shout out to Gaming Grounds in Kent, Ohio and Gamers N Geeks in Mobile, Alabama. for all your preparation needs. - why prepping is useful, from one who has been there.
Okay, well whether or not Hydra is better or worse than Elder and Ooze, the question he was asking was how to protect his Beef from removal and counters in Standard mono-Green.

Here is how I would go about doing that.

Cavern of Souls will protect you from Counters, but not a whole lot else will, except for other Counters, but then you'd have to run Blue.

Equipments like the Swords will give you colorless protection. Swords are kinda expensive money-wise, but they are a better target for removal than your Hydra, in my opinion. These things are crazy good. Of course you need the one for the color(s) up against. Darksteel Plate is still standard legal, but I don't think it is that good.

Okay, but now for actual Cards that are Green. Greens main defense against removal is Hexproof. A lot of Creatures are already Hexproof, but you can turn your Hydra Hexproof. Asceticism is an awesome card - of course it costs 5 to play, so depending on your group it will come out too late to change the tide in-game. Much better EDH card. Ranger's Guile or Sheltering Word may be more what you're looking for. Kinda Green Counterspells that only effect spells aimed at your creatures.

Anyway, those were my thoughts on Protecting your Green Stuff from those Control-jerks with their counters and spot-removal. I agree that PH isn't competitively viable, and neither are the other Green spells I recommended, but if your playgroup or local shop has a bunch of people mucking up your Hydra then the above cards should help with that I hope.

139359831 wrote:
That is a lovely painting of Richard Garfield. It really brings out his feminine side.
If you're playing casually, your friends likely are more than willing to let you run a few things that aren't in standard. My personal favorite pieces of equipment here would be Swiftfoot Boots and Whispersilk Cloak. The Boots have the added bonus of giving Haste and the Cloak will of course ensure the opponent can never block. Of course the Boots also have their older cousin Lightning Greaves but those tend to be more expensive and thus harder to obtain.

Shielding Plax is another card you could use to save your hydra. 
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steely resolve naming hydra.
Yeva, Nature's Herald.  Flash in the Hydra at end of turn.  Untap, boost, attack.
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