which magic 2013 core set intro pack do you think is the best?

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im just getting into magic and ive decided my first deck to use is going to be one of the intro packs from 2013 core set. ive played yugioh for 2 years now so im not new to tcg's so dont say hold back on trying to help me because you think it will be too much for me to handle, ive played alot of dotp 2013 too. so ive decided that the white one, green one, and black one all seem the best and more interesting to me.

i love the exalted mechanic in the black deck and how the boss main creature of that deck makes them sacrifise a creature when he attacks.

the white one seem to be the best one of the 5 in my eyes since you can just swarm the field and make nothing block with the main creatures effect and win, it seems fun too .

the green one seems ok, on dotp 2013 i mainly play a green deck so green is the color im most familiar with. i have a feeling this deck isnt that great though, its far too ovbiouse what your doing. if you leave just enough mana because you want to cast a flash creature to block, it seems way to ovbiouse your going to do that if you leave all that mana un tapped, this one i probably wont get, i just wanted to mention this.

so if youve read above you know that im, mainly choosing between the white or black one, which one is better do you guys think? whatever one i end up picking i will be buying singles with the help of my shop owner for his advice on what to add in so keep that in mind too, also for whatever one i pick, do i just get one copy or 2 or 3 or how many? in yugioh if your making a deck from a premade deck then you always buy 3 copies of the deck then mix the cards up, is it the same for magic?
BW is the best but they all are bad and Intro Packs are never a good deal.

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I cannot stress this enough: The Intro Packs are a goddamned travesty and they cannot be played satisfactorily against decks that are not themselves unmodified intro packs. The best way to start beating opponents in Magic: The Gathering is to purchase an Event Deck, as they are semi-competitive right out of the box, and only require slight tweaks to make them solidly competitively. I don't keep up on the contents of each list, but I would say, in the abstract, that the best Intro Packs is worse than than worst Event Deck currently available. I would like to be proven wrong, but only from the perspective of an exceptional Intro Pack and not an unusually bad Event Deck.

Edit: Zoko, your signature makes me feel ancient, having started in the middle of Urza's Saga. :|
The intro packs are definitely not as solid as a deck you would want to take to a fnm event but you could definitely compare them to any of the yugioh starter decks out there... they are a good starting point for anybody 2 get into the game... your probably gonna want to fix it up a little bit though obviously

Honestly I wouldn't worry about which one is better and worry about what kind of decks you like to play. Control aggro or hybrid style decks that do a little of both

I would say the green deck is like a deck that would play a lot of traps in yugioh to suprise your opponent with tricks... the black deck being more controlling and the white deck being really aggressive
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