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I have a pixie hexblade with the sorrow pact and Im trying to make a good backstory for it.
I came across a poem with the line

The Pixies know no sorrow, the Pixies feel no fear

So I figured I would have my guy be banished to the shadowfell where he would be alone afraid and sad but he ends up embracing it and making the sorrow pact
now my problem is that what could a pixie do that would be so bad as to get it bannished from the feywild to the shadowfell but not so bad that I would have to be a evil character to do it

  • Forgot to wash his/her hands after going to the bathroom.

  • Didn't turn off the lights before leaving the house

  • Fed his/her vegetables to the pet Pseudodragon

  • Broke all the crayons in the crayon box

But seriously...

I would strongly consider what you find sorrowful in your or others lives.

  • Perhaps a deed of killing relation by accident.

  • A sarcastic comment or trick led to someone doing true evil

  • A child or parent's evil is left at the feet of the character

I wish you the best.


Must the banishment have been earned for something deliberately done, or can the pixie be a victim of circumstance?  For instance, what if he happened into the Shadowfell by accident at some point and absorbed some of its ambience, and then when he eventually found his way back to faerie his people couldn't bear his presence?  After being made unwelcome in his home plane, maybe he fled back to the Shadowfell to try to fit in there, but couldn't manage that either?  Then, in despair, he bought his way into the Material plane, where he still wanders, trying to find somewhere he fits in.  So far the best he's been able to manage is to glom on to other roaming misfits, and is trying to learn how to get by in the game world by studying the only natives of that plane who will suffer his presence - the other adventurers.

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Be careful about role playing a "doom and gloom" type of character. No one likes a whiny-pants.


Those are some great ideas I like the idea of it not being something I did intentionaly but I do want the banishment to be a punishment it ties together a story where I confront the people who banished me and then its like a major turning point in my characters life if I would seek revenge and go evil or forgive and lean towards good or something
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