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I have seen that there are some cards in magiccardmarked that are tagged as WCD (world championship decks) and they are so cheap. I'm not pro, so I play with my friends and some lil competitions in some local shops. I mean, have this cards the original size?

They have the right size, but a gold border (instead of white or black) and a different back, so they aren't tournament legal. They are for collecting.

Maybe your casual playgroup will accept them as proxies for the real cards - just remember to use opaque sleeves so the different back is not visible.

EDIT: Found a good example. This is how the card looks like:


Only cards with white or black borders are legal for tournament play. They also must have the normal back-side (unless it's a double-faced card from the Innistrad block).

As for playing with your friends... Do whatever. But unless you use completely opaque sleeves, that card will stick out like a sore thumb. 

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Ok, thanks for the info. Surely I use sleeves, in fact,  the sleeves are used for tournaments (because for example the Delver of Secrets has the creature on back).

Now I have it clear. aight
yes, DFC have to be either in opaque sleeves or with the placeholder card
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As others have said, some of the cards are hard to find like Grim Monolith, Mirari's Wake, etc; and are perfect for playing in commander. Just make sure that it's okay with your playgroup, and don't go overboard with proxies.
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