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If you have any errata suggestions for Dragon #413, please add them to this thread.

All around helpful simian

Dragon 413

Scourges of Lolth, Page 04 The Widow of Arach-Tinilith's Blood for Spider utility power target line is: One ally adjacent to you or your spiderling familiar

I see two problems with the current power: 1) A familiar has no surge value thus, targetting the spider familiar with this power would deal no damage to it, granting the benefits while avoiding entirely the drawbacks.

2) Even if the power will be reworded to actually being able to damage/destroy the familiar the target line should probably clarify: "One ally adjacent to you or your active mode spiderling familiar" Otherwise arguments could be made about using the power while the familiar is in passive mode to circumvent the destruction of the familiar.

All around helpful simian

Sorcere Adept's level 10 feature works with any Arcana-based Ritual. Enchant an Item is an Arcana-based Ritual. As are Make Whole(repair 10' of a Castle Wall), and Brew Potion. Fool's Gold is also one, so having an option for basically infinite(if illusionary) gold is a problem.

It should be errata'd to not work on Enchant an Item or any variable component cost Ritual. Otherwise, someone can literally create a new magic item every single day for free.
Pg. 04 Class Act: Seekers of the Moonrise Vanguard Tidal Spirit Shot's Level 21 line should delete the word ''modifier '', as the power doesn't add any modifiers.

Pg. 05 Class Act: Seekers of the Moonrise Vanguard Fading Grotto's Effect line need to be moved above the Hit line to work as intended since it creates a zone in a burst 2 centered on the target, but if the target was Hit, it is now removed from play when the Effect occur, in accordance with the Power Format Sequence (RC 92).
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