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A character is playing an Infernal Pact Hexblade with the Devil's Pawn theme and Followed a Cult background in my Eberron game. The short version of the backstory is that the bastard half-elf son of a human Dragonmarked member of House Tharashk is neglected, gets involved with cultists who offer power in return for service, embraces the offered power of Asmodeus, and grows disillusioned with the cult when his lady love falls into a stupor when her soul is taken from her body in a botched sacrifice.

So now he is adventuring as a path toward redemption (along with his dragonmarked half-orc sister and other functionaries of House Tharashk), though his alignment remains Evil and his patron is Asmodeus. He wields powers like Souleater and the Blade of Annihilation, after all.

I'm interested in ways to bring Asmodeus as a patron into the game beyond background flavor without disrupting play. In what ways might you envision this patron-servant relationship functioning? In what ways would any interaction manifest? And how frequently? In return for the power, what must this Hexblade do or relinquish? Etc, Etc.

Any and all suggestions are invited.
The plotting and scheming among the Archdevils is no big secret for anyone knowledged on the subject of the Nine Hells, and the biggest chess board is more often than not the mortal world. In this reguard, you could instead of force Asmodeus to have him commit atrocities in his name, play the double agent as it were, and work towards undermining the operations of other Archdevils in order to keep Asmodeus' operations running uninterrupted from outside interference. This makes it so that there is little to no direct involvement from Asmodeus early on, save for a dream that says to "go here and keep so and so's plans from obstructing my own" every now and again. But it might bring a bit of more direct involvement late paragon, when the PC could potentially learn a way to sever the tie to his patron while still keeping his powers, thus gaining a way to fight his former masters with their own strength. Stuff like this could build a nice side track storyline if the campaign isn't designed around the activities of the Hells, or if they are, make for a way to start an all out war against the Archdevils and Asmodeus himself.

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming
This does help, ToeSama, and is not far off from how things are playing out currently. I'm still unsure what direction things will take as they head into Paragon tier and beyond (currently level 4). The adventure arc is a heavily-modified H1 and beyond, refitted for Eberron and incorporating many changes from the fan-created Orcus, Prince of Undeath reworking of the original series, so the focus is thwarting the designs of the demon Orcus, recast as a bound rakshasa rajah should you be familiar with the setting.
In paragon/epic one or more gods could attempt (for obvious reasons) to disrupt asmodeus plans resulting in the pc facing a delima risk loosing his powers and fight asmodeus or turn his party against these gods.
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