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I have just noticed that Spiritual Weapon wording has been changed in Rules Compendium. When you sustain it, you repeat the attack. I assume that when you sustain it, since you sustain the effect of the power, the SW still provides CA to allies. Am I right? Or sustaining it only allows attacking without giving CA?



"Rules Compendium" is a book with zero class powers in it. Do you mean it has been changed the Compendium, the online searchable database?

Procedure if you see something is different in the compendium from the published book/article:

Step 1) Does the power now list "multiple sources"? Possibly was updated in one of the Essentials books. If so and you don't have them, posting to ask is reasonable. If no, proceed to step 2.
Step 2) Check errata docs.
Step 3) If no errata and the Compendium still only lists one primary source, assume Compendium is wrong.
Sorry, I meant Online Compendium, ofc. Only doubt is about applying CA when sustaining the power.  Power in the Player's handbook states so, but power in Compendium doesn't.


Yes Combat Advantage carry on with the weapon as its a Property of the Weapon that persist when Sustained.

Also FYI the Power was Updated (4/25/2011) to match Class Compendium, a serie of DDi article that delivered content meant to be in a canceled book.
Thank you Plague, exactly what I needed. Didn't know what Class Compendium was, just renewed recently my DDI subscription, so again thanks for the extra bit of info


I belive the class compendium was going to be the book with rules to combine PHB and Essentials.
We have gotten The Dragon articles with feats to swap powers for class features and the subclass names for some PHB classess. 
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I can ask our Future Release Coordinator in chief Alter_Boy what was the canceled book's exact name for i don't remember.

EDIT Alter_Boy confirmed the canceled book was Class Compendium: Heroes of Sword and Spell.

I checked the DDXP New product seminar, and it mentions the product as "Class Compendium: Heroes of Sword and Spell". 


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