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Basic Heartless Summoning deck Focus on Demon cards. Would greatly appreciate the help.


Creature (23)

  • 3x [C]Demonlord of Ashmouth[/C]

  • 3x [C]Harvester of Souls[/C]

  • 1x [C]Havengul Lich[/C]

  • 3x [C]Phyrexian Metamorph[/C]

  • 4x [C]Phyrexian Rager[/C]

  • 2x [C]Rune-Scarred Demon[/C]

  • 3x [C]Solemn Simulacrum[/C]

  • 4x [C]Treacherous Pit-Dweller[/C]

Instant (3)

  • 3x [C]Go for the Throat[/C]

Land (20)

  • 4x [C]Darkslick Shores[/C]

  • 4x [C]Drowned Catacomb[/C]

  • 2x [C]Ghost Quarter[/C]

  • 2x [C]Island[/C]

  • 8x [C]Swamp[/C]

Sorcery (7)

  • 4x [C]Ponder[/C]

  • 3x [C]Sign in Blood[/C]

Enchantment (3)

  • 3x [C]Heartless Summoning[/C]

Artifact (4)

  • 4x [C]Torpor Orb[/C]

Sideboard (15)

  • 2x [C]Sword of War and Peace[/C]

  • 1x [C]Wurmcoil Engine[/C]

  • 3x [C]Vapor Snag[/C]

  • 3x [C]Ratchet Bomb[/C]

  • 1x [C]Sever the Bloodline[/C]

  • 3x [C]Nihil Spellbomb[/C]

  • 1x [C]Sword of Feast and Famine[/C]

  • 1x [C]Frost Titan[/C]

running torpor orb with comes into play effects(solemn, rune-scarred) is very bad.

running treacherous pit-dweller with heartless summoning is also less than ideal.

One of the best demons in heartless summoning may be bloodgift demon, as he is on curve.

The deck needs more removal in its current state, as it doesnt have much ramp, and currently dies if you dont draw summoning.

What level of competitiveness are you looking for in your deck? There is no actual synergy in your deck with demons I can see.

I apologize if I sound overly harsh, my intent is constructive criticism.

If you can clarify your decks objectives (i.e. maximize how competitive the deck is while keeping 15 demons and heartless summoning) that might help.
i saw my brother play magic and decided to play aswell am very new to this game. Sp i need alot of help. i would like to try competitive play.My brother plays competitive so i wanted to give magic a try.i would like to have a heartless summoning deck would demon cards.should i go Red and Black route.
Alright, I will post a very competitive heartless summoning list with demon cards. It is not my list, I got in from an article by Iain Bartolomei.

So, it has demons (griselbrand and rune-scarred) and it often uses them to win. Heartless summoning is a very relevant card in the deck. Iain explains his deck in more detail than I would be able to here: www.channelfireball.com/articles/iain-ba...

If you are looking for a heartless summoning demon deck you can take to FNM and not get stomped on, this is a good place to start. If you just want a demon deck to play vs your brother, than you probably have a lot more options.
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