New to D&D, have basic board game questions.

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1. Okay, I have five movement points. I spend three of them to get to the edge of a tile. Does my turn then end until next time, or do I immediatley then place a tile, pull a monster card, then continue my two movement points?

2. If a friend and I reach a new tile, do we both spawn a monster?

3. Do already visited tiles respawn monsters?

4. I have items such as coffins and what not, but have no clue...

The thin manual is not sufficient, and doesn't make certain things clear. Please help!!!

By the way, I purshased the castle and drizzit.                
1. Placing a tile happens in the Encounter phase, well after hero mivement in the Hero phase, so no.
2. Only one hero can open up one new tile at a time, so you won' t see two monsters spawn on one tile.
3. No.
4. The extra tokens are designed for creating your own scenarios!
Thanks for the help!
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