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I'm in the very beginning process of developing a world for my gaming group. It's a world where magic has been driven underground and the daily life of the people is generally run by the church. I have a system of government, a few NPCs and a few monsters designed, but I could use ideas about hooks. Here's what I have so far:

  1.  A rumor that magic items are not destroyed but are hoarded in the catacombs beneath the Temple

  2. A dying man passes on a message to one of the characters with some vital information for the Underground (which isn't as dead as the Church thi

  3. Someone wrongly accused of outlawed arcane magic, kangaroo court

I do plan on letting them find some magic items, but one of the players brought up the question of using inherent bonuses. This is my first Campaign as a DM and I've only played one (very short) campaign with inherent bonuses and I could use the benefit of some experience.

Also, in a world with arcane and primal magic nearly wiped out, of course my players have started with arcane character concepts. Is it out of line to have their magic have a 20% mischance due to poor training for the first few adventures? 

Any and all help appreciated 
I dont think that the 20% chance of failure would be wrong. Like you said, they have almost no training.  I also wouldnt let every party member be a spell caster, as magic is very hidden and (apparently) concentrated to a specific group.  Or you could have them hail from that specific undergroud group.
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