Frost Titan advice

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I posted this in the Casual Play forum as well.  Didn't know what kind of traffic that forum gets.  I'm just playing kitchen table Magic, so I could actually build with anything, but the cards I have have pretty much been from M10 onward.  Thanks for any advice!


As I've reengaged Magic the last year or so, I've been focusing on Black, Red, and Green decks.  I'm wanting to try and figure out Blue and White, and have a Frost Titan that's just waiting to build a deck around it.  Here's the deck I tried last night:

Aether Adept x2
Augury Owl x2
Cancel x2
Diminish x2
Essence Scatter x1
Foresee x2
Frost Titan x1
Mana Leak x1
Mind Control x2
Negate x1
Preordain x2
Sleep x2
Stormtide Leviathan x1
Wall of Frost x1
Water Servant x2

Ajani Goldmane x1
Arrest x1
Blinding Mage x2
Cloud Crusader x2
Holy Strength x1
Pacifism x3
Serra Angel x2
War Priest of Thune x1

Islands x14
Plains x8

I noticed in inventoring the deck that I'm a card short.  In three games, I had White mana problems twice, so my initial impression was that I need more white mana, especially since several of the white cards require two whites rather than neutrals.

This is coming from an M12 intro set with some modifications I found online, so I really don't have any attachment to this - mostly I was building out of what I had mostly from the M12 sets onward.  I love tightly themed decks, but I just don't know blue or white well enough to really have a sense of how to tightly theme this deck.  I just want the Frost Titan (and Ajani Goldmane) to shine.

Any suggestions on improvements I should make?  This is just kitchen table magic, so the main restrictions I have is $$$.  I don't mind putting some money into the decks, but I'll reach my limit at some point.

Thanks for any advice you might have!