First Time Player, is Wizard a good choice?

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I've never played D&D before, but in about a week or 2, I will be joining my first game (which will be in a hobbyshop that just opened up and I know no one there) and I really want to be a wizard. I've heard that wizards are a bit more difficult for first-time players, though. Is this true? And if so, what are some tips or other classes that would be more helpful?
Well Toothpick,
I DM a game and have created or helped create a few wizards. They are one of my favorite classes to play (Right under Figther). Being a controller you may not deal out as much damage as a striker, but zone effects and area spells are a crutial part of having a good team. My players hate having to fight my mages because they have to deal with the adverse effects that a wizard can throw onto the battlefield. 
Fourth edition is awesome because all classes are easy to play and have their own strengths and weaknesses. My advice for a wizard is to stay back and keep distance between enemies and you. Optimize use of the defenders of the group: they are supposed to keep the bad guys off your back. I prefer to use spells that hurt multiple enemies and give them bad effects that hamper their ability to fight. 
Also Intelligence is the MOST important ability score you have since it will determine your AC and your Attack and Damage...
Anyways hope this helps a little. I'm sure there are others that know more than me, but wizards are definitely a blast to play, and really fun to roleplay too.
Good Hunting.     
Thanks so much! I'm not sure what version I'll be playing, but either way, Leonardo the Veridian (a wizard name I came up with today) will live when I do! Happy apple sauce to you as well.

 You're absolutely going to need to know which edition you're playing before you make your character. Fourth Edition uses a completely different set of rules than previous editions.


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4th edition also means wizards are basically on the same level of simplicity as all other classes.

3/3.5: wizards are not the most complicated, but still are very complex with how many spells you know, learn, and are permitted to prepare and use.
In 4th edition, wizards are pretty dang cool, but like stated before: they aren't meant for high damage output. in any other addition, however, mages start out absolute WIMPS and by 11th lvl or so become GODS. if playing anything other than 4e i would not make a wizard because it is kind of confusing at first.

Welcome to the world of DnD! i myself am reletively a newb as well (i've been playing for a couple years now, but my group only has a game about once every couple months, so we haven't got very far). I hope you have a blast, whatever class you're playing! 
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