the more we play the more ? we have

It seems the more our little group plays the more questions we have....I hope someone out there can answer this one.
If I have a piece that is being dominated by the other player (from the rules that I read it is considered part of my opponents
warband) so if that piece moves on "its turn" meaning the controller moves it and it passes infront of a couple of my pieces to
its destination do my pieces make an opportunity attack against it?  The reason for this thinking is the piece is considered my
enemy for its turn and its not a forced movement like a push or pull so if on its way from A to B and it enters a square adjacent
and leves a square adjacent to "a enemy" or 2,3,4 enemies then do they take attacks of opportunity?
There was another question that we had it was in regards to the Cleric of Order on the card it says to use its champion power
when a living ally ends its turn in one of your victory areas....our question is what is considered a living ally of course human
elves halfling.....are but what about like elementals and side of the debate is saying if it doesn't have undead
in the description then it is living the other side is saying that constructs elementals undead are all not living is there somewhere
I can find a list I couldn't find it in the rulebook....

As usual any help on these would be very much oblidged. Best regards. 
Well after rereading the rules I have found that undead construct and object keywords are non living everything else is considered living but I am still trying to find out about our other problem if anybody has any idea please let me know kind regards.
First of, if you are interested in playing this great game, I recommend that you join
This forum is rarely viewed by the active players (Dungeon Command, the new miniatures game by WotC may change that, but for now it is really quiet here) and it will take you a long time to get answers, whereas on the guild site you can expect to be answered within a day or so.

As for the question you had: Opportunity attacks are always voluntary, so yes, you may take those attacks on your creature that is being controlled by the opponent, but only rarely would you want to. If the creature is moving, it is not attacking, and apart from one notable exception (The Minotaur Savage) the  Domination has a good chance of ending after the move.

Hope this helps, and welcome to the game! 
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