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I bought the Dark Asencion Black/white deck and there are cards in there that say put white spirit creature tokens on battlefield what are the spirit creature tokens?
Tokens are just like any other creature, but it's not a card.  As long as it's on the battlefield it's treated as a normal creature, it can attack and block and be equipped/enchanted and killed like any creature.  The difference is if it ever moves off the battlefield (it dies, gets returned to your hand, exiled, whatever) it immediately stops existing, because only cards can be in other zones.

There are token "cards" in some booster packs you can use to represent token creatures in the game, but you don't have to use the official ones.  You can use pretty much anything as long as it's clear to both players what it is.  I often see people use dice, coins, or upside-down cards as tokens.
I remember playing against this guy once who used these plastic bugs and spiders to represent insect tokens. That was pretty cool.

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At my house, we use poker chips of appropriate colors for tokens and counters.
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