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Ok, so this is one of my first times dm-ing, so this might be a little ambitious. What I was thinking of for this campaign is that the characters star as revenant champions of the Raven Queen in the war between the gods and Orcus (and his dire legions).  The campain continues in its cult-and-undead heavy way until Orcus is defeated.  After that, the pc's wake up as lvl1 characters that get some bonuses for playing the last campaign. The major plot hook here is the previous 'dream' campaign, as it was a dream shared by total strangers who woke up in the same room, in a city unfamiliar to them.  If the pc's bother to do the math, the Raven Queens opening dialouge contains 'It is the year _______, 492, 381 years since you last saw the light of day.' So if they do the math, it means they die in 10 years.  Once they have completed the campaign, I will read a short dialouge briefly describing their short lives following, and then the opening dialouge AGAIN. It was all a prediction....
If anyone has tips, tricks, advice, or ideas, please say.
A campaign based on a dream - even an adventure based on a dream - is one of the best ways to piss off your players.

Honestly, I think your players will kill you... twice. Perhaps you could then be a revenant DM?
Cheers Imruphel aka Scrivener of Doom
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