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Starting with Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 I started using an Excel spreadsheet I made to track the individual win percentages of the different decks to see just how much better some are than others. I logged over 900 online ranked games with completely unlocked decks, and I'm using an updated version of the spreadsheet to track percentages in 2013. This forum has been extremely beneficial to me in regards to tuning decks and learning about unlock codes, so I'd like to return the favor and make these files available for anyone that would like to use them. Perhaps if this catches on we could have everyone who tracks their wins to contribute their data to find out early on what the winningest and losingest decks truly are in 1v1 online games.

The upper left cells are my overall stats. For the individual deck stats I wanted to see how effective each deck is against all others, so mirror matches are not calculated. The second column is my opponents' win percentages, so I can see how my win percentages for each deck compare to the success others are having against me. Using this spreadsheet has increased my enjoyment of online play because I can use inferior decks without worrying about ranking. In fact, it made me want to take all the decks online to see how much I can win with each one.

To use the spreadsheet you will need Microsoft Excel 2007 or later (because I used a "count if" formula that was introduced in the 2007 version). Just use Sheet 2 to log what deck you used, what deck your opponent used, and the result with the words "Win" or "Loss." It's tracked with the full official name of each deck, but once each deck is used in each column Excel will fill in the full name after just a letter or two. I've left in my stats for each one to give you an idea how it works, so just delete my results and start tracking your own!

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Excel spreadsheet

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Excel spreadsheet

Edit: I just realized I never finished updating the formulas for the DLC in either game, but it does work for the original 10 decks well enough. Guess I should have taken care of that before uploading...
Cool stuff. Thanks for uploading.
I did this as well for DotP 2012. Makes the game more enjoyable when you keep track of your record, I think. Looks like resident360 has the same general trend in winning with regards to decks as I did. One notable exception is Guardians of the Wood - he has done a lot better with that deck than I was able to. Well done.
To date 40 people have downloaded my stat-tracking spreadsheet, but this thread didn't seem to catch on. I hope everyone who is using the spreadsheet is enjoying it, and I hope there's an effort before the new DLC in September to pool our data and see what's popular and what's winning. It's way too early to glean any meaninful conclusions, but I thought I'd share my results of my first 75 online games to bump this thread to the top and get a few more players collecting data.

What I've learned so far

  • Obedient Dead is my favorite deck and my early favorite for strongest. Playing this deck is like laughing at the set-up to a joke that your opponent hasn't heard the punchline to yet. It was strong in the first 30 unlocks, but the promotional codes gave this deck some downright unfair bombs to solidify it's late-game dominance.

  • I haven't played much Crosswinds, but it's the deck to play if you love come from behind wins. It's amazing how taking a few extra (or infinite) turns late can swing a game from the brink of doom. Playing Crosswinds is so stressful I find myself standing up when playing it. Definitely gets the pulse racing. Interestingly enough Crosswinds the only deck I haven't lost against, so perhaps there's a lot of bad Crosswinds players out there.

  • I really want to like Ancient Wilds, but clearly it's not winning for me like I'd hoped it would. After an especially frustrating loss to Dream Puppets I abandoned the "bounce your own guys for advantage" tricks for one more focused on overpowering with Wild Pair, but immediately after that I lost 2 close ones to Dream Puppets. Sometimes this pile just feels too cute and clever for its own good.

  • Dream Puppets is my least favorite. My opponents have had better results that I have, so that seems bad. I'm on the same turbo-mill theme as most players in the decklist thread, but it just seems sometimes you mill them out and sometimes they play goblins. It's particularly noninteractive without much thought required in what order to play cards. I guess if you're tired of trying to deal 20 damage...

  • Goblin Gangland and Peacekeepers are both really solid in the current metagame. Goblins is more explosive but Peacekeepers has nice removal, so I prefer the white. I recently switched from a soldier tokens theme to more of a "these are the best cards available and they are good" theme, dropping Captain's Call but keeping the anthems, removal, and 2/1 guys.

  • Pack Instinct has been good for me and my opponents. I'm on the "all available ramp and let my fatties win the midgame" plan.

  • Born of Flame feels solid thanks to all the removal, but 2x Inferno Titan and 2x Hostility isn't exactly on par OD's or even PI's fatties. A lot of times I feel like I burn away all the chaff just so my opponents can beat down with something with 6 or 7 in the butt my burn spells can't touch.

    My opponent's most played decks:

  1. Dream Puppets (11)

  2. Goblin Gangland (11)

  3. Obedient Dead (10)

  4. Crosswinds (9)

  5. Celestial Light (7)

  6. Ancient Wilds (7)

  7. Pack Instinct (6)

  8. Exalted Darkness (5)

  9. Peacekeepers (5)

  10. Born of Flame (4)

Oddly enough I have seen threads on here complaining that too many people play Exalted and Peacekeepers, but the spread seems fine with me. I take the Goblins in stride because there's so many bad goblin players.

I have a quick question. Do you record all matches, or only those with the appropriate statistics? For example, let's say you have to mulligan down to 3 because none of your hands have land. Do you record that in the spreadsheet? What about if your opponent is using an 80+ card deck?
I have a quick question. Do you record all matches, or only those with the appropriate statistics? For example, let's say you have to mulligan down to 3 because none of your hands have land. Do you record that in the spreadsheet? What about if your opponent is using an 80+ card deck?

I keep track of every game I play. I've been fortunate enough not to have a series of consecutive unplayable hands, but every once in a while I'll get stuck on land drop 3 or get mana flooded. I count those because I figure I've beaten a few opponents who had dismal hands and that's just the luck of the draw. There was one time playing 2012 that an opponent only played 3 islands before conceding to an overwhelming board position, and I had no idea if he was playing RoI, Machinations, Ancient Depths, or what. In one 2013 game I was beating face with Peacekeepers against an Obedient Dead player that seemed to only be playing lands. As soon as he conceded the AI played a Dread that I had absolutely no answer for, but I just laughed and tallied the victory. I always hope my opponents are playing 60 card decks, but obviously that is not the case. I don't ignore those games because that is just a lot of what's out there, so opponents' win/loss records really have to be taken with a grain of salt.
I've been using this for a while -- once I converted it to OpenOffice friendlyness.   A few minor changes, in that I do track mirror matches unlike you.  But here's a shot of things after just over 300 games (all games recorded once I had unlocked the full deck... if I used the deck in MP before full unlocks, I didn't record those results, win or lose)


Bah .. I can't seem to stop the forum from resizing it, so here's the link to the image, where you can bring it up full size.
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