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Hello world.

I am seeking a new dnd group after 4-6 years with the same online one, it is no longer working.

My group:
The Steam Venter: Hates anything to make the game better, powergames constantly. Has to make everything, and I mean -everything- warhammer 40k.
The Druggie: On so many anti depressants and such, he flakes halfway through most the games.
The Furry: Guy/Girl (I still don't know which) who murrs and purrs and all that crap in every game. Loves talking about all the rpgs and stuff they have done but rarely puts any work in to gaming with us.
The Aussie: Lives in Australia, has near dialup speeds. Will continually vanish an hour or two before game time one week, then be around 24-36 hours at a time the next for gaming.
The ****: Plays female characters, constantly. Tries to sleep with everything, constantly. Is a 35 year old guy with a ZZ top beard. Enough said.
The Writer: Guy is fixated on one and only one type of character (Bard+Melee) And has to write 3-9 paragraphs for anything he does, hedges his skill rolls, will randomly vanish to play his console games for weeks without telling us why, derailing games.
The Kid: He's 18, lives in britan (As does Steam Venter and Writer.) his parents control him, take his router, computer away constantly, games go on for a few hours suddenly he vanishes.
The Girlfriend: My SO, used to game with us, became angry at the Kid and Steam Venter due to derailing games, messing things up or flaking out on us so she has flatly and totally quit gaming of any form until we can find better people to play with.
The Ninja: All his characters must be ninjas of some kind (also a brit) Or undead, or vampires or something combined out of that. Vanishes for months at a time, expects games to be on hold for when he comes back. Gets angry when they're not.
The Wanker: Obsessed with WOD, works swing shift. Hates swords. Hates dnd magic system, constantly wants WOD rules shoehorned in.
The Fighter: Argues with anyone and everyone in game, any time they do something that is story over rules or does something he dosent like. Constantly corrects -me- in how to run -my- game the right way. Recient addition/buddy of Steam Venter. Has been inciting arguments with Druggie/Aussie/Furry at least twice a game.
 The Newbie: Brand new to dnd, knows all about other rpgs. Played with us a month now. Has diverted any and all conversations away from 3.X and into Warhammer (A theme lately.) Was a good gamer at first, then soon as a character he had died due to his actions, turned on me.

It's reached a point where my entire game day(s) have been taken away by the group, Druggie runs games on wensday suddenly. Steam venter has taken the days Friday to Sunday away for warhammer 40k games. They've done this without asking me. They have changed programs from GlitterComm to GameTable and so forth. There has been a near constant argument since The Furry was added in as of 3 months ago. (Steam venter and the Aussie are also furries so is Druggie) I don't allow that stuff in game, ever, but it's turning into a furry clustershag and they've all pretty much refused to game in anything I've been doing. Fighter and Newbie keep wanting 'to do something new' campaign wise but can't stick with anything and keep being unstable on game times (Ranging from 2pm to 1am.)  Some of our campaigns have gone on for years, none of that matters now. After a month of arguing with them about things and getting 'we changed the days and what we play, don't like it, tough.' I have decided that if they want to do this, then I will find people who want to play

Looking for:

3-4 people.
Ages 18-99.
Familiar with D20 at the very least. (3.X)
Able to game and not min max/power game/explode.
Eastern Time Zone or at least -A- US time zone.

Looking to game via Hamachi/Glittercomm at least once a week, maybe twice if time tables, etc work out.

Tired of the shouting, drama, arguments and people just not doing anything more to advance plot and would prefer to derail/complain constantly. 


Sounds like you've had quite the handful!

I'm currently playing 4e, but have 3e experience.

I'm not interested in powergaming at all, I find it a put off.

I'm GMT, but have flexible hours.

Looking forward!

Nick :]

lol, was quite amused reading through this, lets just hope if we can start a game together it goes a little smoother'

Looking forward to it aswell.

John : )    
hah yeah i think most the problem is my group is under 21 right now. Ill be going to bed soon here but tomorrow i will work on getting us all into a smoother communications form XD right now my Hamachi network ID is DNDRoleplaying and I will PM the password if you two want to go through hamachi for starters.
Hey! I'm sorry about your troubles.
Played 4e about 2 months now. Still want to enjoy this game.

I am looking for a healthy online campaign.
I'm in the US and have flexible times, except for Tuesdays.

I don't powergame, I make casual dnd characters, I stay away from past characters I've seen that would end an encounter in 2-3 turns.
The fun is in the encounter itself, not how much damage you can do in 1 shot, or try to nova everything.

If you think I'd be a good addition, please add me/msg me. I'd be happy to join your adventure.
sounds good, would you be able to play 3.5? thats the primary one I run though its mxied with small bits from -all- editions of the game.
Thats fine with me, although I've played it only once before Surprised It'd be a bit of learning curve for me.
well check out www.d20srd.org and see wht you think, that covers most of the basics. 
So how is this going to be done, will you be using the virtual table. And where would these characters be created?
Hey. I'm currently only in PBP games at the moment. They are nice, but move slowly. I've over two decades of experience with D&D and well versed in all editions.

I'm looking to get into a long term game. I'm in the Eastern Time Zone and I have nothing but free time, so the time scheduled for the game will most likely not conflict with anything I have going on.

There is no specific type of character I prefer to play, and I have played all types. I also don't really like to min/max and I avoid powergaming unless the DM pretty much requires it.
I'd certainly be up for it.  While my preference is for casters of some type, the only hard and fast rule is that I can't play a dumb character...unless he's comedy relief.  It works, somehow.

 With 3.5, I have a ridiculous amount of experience-I'll also curb my tendency to powerbuild.  Give me a shout if you've still got room!
Wow, that's quite a group you had there. I'd like to join this group, assuming that you have room. I'm rather on the low end of your age spectrum, but I've been playing 3.5 for a couple years now. My being in Pacific time shouldn't be too much trouble, since my schedule is very flexible. Never used Glittercomm, but it seems very similar to Maptools, which I have used often.

My group of friends that I play D&D with in real life is very optimization-heavy, (Our current party consists of a leap attack barbarian, artificer, and 35+ AC Duelist that fight monsters at double the recommended CR for our level) so most of my characters have been nearly entirely combat focused, but I'd like to branch out to (much) less murder-frenzied campaigns.
hey guys, sorry about that! I've been off stuck doing things the past few days sorry to not respond faster. Thanks for the replies. I am definately looking for one or two more person(s) to fill my group out. Ill send out some PMs and so on soon, thanks for messaging me. 
Table is now closed barring a few replies. Thanks very much for everyone who messaged me! I might post another ad like this to get another group up in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled! lol.
Well shoot, am I too late? I don't fall into your age qualifications and i mainly play 4e but i've played 2e before..and if 3.5e is a mix of both i should get the mechanics simple enough. I tend to maximize my characters not so much for damage, but for hitting...but I don't rage or anything so maybe you'd still accept me in?
I'm completely new to tabletop gaming, but I'm eager to learn. I'm pretty flexible in terms of time, and I'll try to pick things up quickly. I'm looking for a group to play with who can teach me the rules. That seems more efficient than simply spending a day reading through the rulebook. Anyway, I hope you'll consider me. I'll figure out whatever I need to and won't randomly rage. Thanks.
hey all, the table is closed right now. Give it a few sessions and I may assemble another one (I have a lot of campaign settings I've written.) Stay tuned to this bat channel!
If you ever decide to try a 4E game, I may just be interested. Played everything but 3.X and been playing 4E since it started. The last couple of years I've been playing on FG2.
hah.. the chances of me running 4th are... rather low >.> XD
I might be interested if another one opens up, just in case. A little about myself:
Minimal 3.5 experience, only two campaigns to be completely honest.
20 Y/O
Pacific timezone
Work 5 days a week 8 to 4.
I've never been late to anything in my life unless something outside my control stops it.
I usually play casters of the chaotic evil alignment.
In one compaign I stuffed a sack of full cats, used them as weapons by lighting them on fire and throwing them at people(DM allowed it, told me to give a dex roll for each swing, passed almost every time as a wizard)
In another compaign the group killed a baby dragon, I cut off its head with a sword borrowed from the paladin, used it as a hand puppet.
My characters are usually psychopathic, sarcastic and quick to make bad jokes and puns: the more groanworthy the better.

I'm not really into "Serious" games, for me DnD is a cool game with fun mechanics that, with a decent DM is amazingly fun, I don't really do groups that are HardxCore and require min/maxing or rules lawyer, I prefer a more laid back friendly atmosphere.
ah, well I don't allow CE, its too game breaking when someone wants to be a kill monkey, half my group is always CE or CN and well... ive explained how those games go. I usually run serious/and or grim settings heh. Trying to be Richard does not make one richard, nor does slaughtering them with fire or cold.
I don't know if I should take offense to that or not....I've been playing characters like that long before LFG was even out. and kill monkey? please, I'm much more sophisticated then that. You -can- be a sadistic bastard without being a brainless murder machine.
Well, as I said, CE is one of those alinments that quickly makes a weak minded party lose the concept of plot and go off the end. Easy to turn a session into a rambling rampage. It's often also used as a player vehicle to vent out of world flusterations and such. Im not saying that its any better or worse then any alin, but that, along with LG can often provide sudden staggering problems for a setting, unless the DM has a sense of humor that allows such a habit to be the norm is all I am saying. Sadism, murder, torture, etc don't have a place in a lot of the campaign themes I run, unless its for -very- specific occurences and even then it's usually reserved for the high point of a game or session, not 'a bag of kittens on fire'. The paladin should have put a stop to that if the paladin followed -his- LG  role. Different games, different concepts.
Different groups, the one with the bag of kittens was mostly neutral, and mostly for fun. and while I understand some DMs simply don't like certain alignments I really have no idea with that. Mostly its the idea that chaotic evil = mindless death monkeys that rubs me the wrong way.
I do know, once, I played CE, but it was by accident. The DM was.... Harsh, shall we say. Everything from destroying the city the character was in, killing the entire party, blaming the character for it and so forth. he was orginally a LN monk. Wound up a CE Rage monk variant/Wizard who was forced to choose between becoming a demons minion or facing a entire army alone, while suffering from a curse that slowly sapped Int-Wis every time he crit'd. Eventually he became rather unhinged and unbalanced, his last act was a spartan style charge at the army, death by hail of arrows. Wasn't fun, but yeah, most people I have ever encountered run CE either Saw style, Berzerk murderer style or unhinged psycho who cannot work with the party, does horrible things to npcs, etc, it alters the overall tone if the party knows they're unable to gauge what X is going to do sadly. XD but eh dnd is a many faceted thing!
Well, mine are usually more..Dynamic. As I said, I mostly play for fun so my groups and campaigns tend to be of a lighter feel, even if they do have their dark, heavier moments. But, usually they're more of psychopaths who take sadistic glee in others misfortune and pain, they also know their limitations both physical and not and will gladly bust a flare in someones face and run like a little girl if the need araises.

They do also, usually, tend to get along with and not backstab the group as a whole. Even the most sadistic of characters can make friends, hell in that group with the paladin they were buddies by the end, even if it was a very odd friendship, and he kind of turned more chaotic neautral/good by the end in that...He still had a joy of grabbing bunnies by the ears and giving them a shocking grasp, but mostly he contained it for genuine threats. He'll let the bunny go in a heart beat if something comes up and tries to attack the group.

But, as a whole I'm just drawn to the more sadistic character choices I guess. But remember, chaotic evil is not the same as chaotic stupid.
I Just finished the prep for my Campaign (geared towards being alonger one) and I use the same tools as you.  community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...(4th)_Edition.

hit me up if your interested.
i am looking to join a group .... i have never played online before  but am willing to learn

however i have been playing D&D since i was 9 on and off (i am now 23) and for the most part played "if you can find it in a book we as a group will decide if it is use able" not by a set edition so i may not be a well read in any editon  but am a well rounded player

please let me know if i may join

- CJ -         
Just a heads up CJ you posted in a year old thread. Just in case you missed it. If you knew that then carry on =P

@ Roland, sorry to hear about your group, but from the outside looking in it was quite the humorous read.

"Life is like a Dungeon Master, if it smiles at you something terrible is probably about to happen."


These boards are terrible so I dont always check in.  If you need me contat my gmail at BHRPGS.

Have 3.5 experence and like the 3.5 setting and game style but have played all forms of d20 games would just love to get in since I don't have a group  since I moved


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