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--I couldn't quickly find a specific forum on all things Dungeon Command (I'll call it DC for the rest of this discussion) related, so forgive me if this is in the wrong forum.--

I have an intense interest in Dungeon Command from two aspects.

The first is that a good skirmish game is nice for when you have a few friends that want to do something but nobody has had time to prep as a DM.
Heck, the DC rules are directly geared for 1-on-1 competition.  This helps when it is hard to get a crew together for a D&D session.
So...  this game gets points from me in the "Pick-up Game Playability" category

Next, I have several friends who have never played D&D, or any other RPG or miniatures game, before.  Some of them say the idea is interesting, but they are intimidated by the rules involved with most RPG games or they feel they do not have the time to learn how to play D&D.  The less complex rules in DC will help them learn more about the concepts and enjoyment of RPGs and miniatures based games.  My hope is that will generate more players of RPGs and/or miniatures games in the future.
So more points from me for creating an interest launch pad for future gaming supporters and community. 

I do have idea suggestions.  Maybe some of them have already been addressed, but I have yet to find it in the bowels of the WoTC forums.  Honestly, I rarely have time to look.  I had to set aside time just to type out this message!

Here is one of my thoughts... 
Many players of D&D products have miniatures they have collected over the years of various creatures big and small.  Although it is nice to see new products that add more miniatures to our collections, it would be nice if the DC game system would also provide a means to allow the use of some of the miniatures we(the dedicated and not so humble masses) probably already have.  So many miniatures sit on our shelves(or worse: in dark boxes) as trophies to adventures past.  They could become alive again in DC!! 
I see this as possible in several ways.  Most of them I will keep to myself until I can actually play a few rounds of the initial release of DC.

One more generic idea I already have for DC is to have official card sets that would be considered additions to the game system.  These card sets could have DC specific stats for creatures and races that D&D has already released to our imaginations over the years.   There could also be theme packs for various factions within Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Dark Sun, whatever.  There could also be "classic" creature card packs that provide stats for monsters in the original MM1 but not already covered in the exisiting DC material.  There could be "elite" packs that have stats for very complex(dangerous) creatures that could pump up the complexity of the game by adding creatures with many capabilities and costs.  I even see the possibility of "Enemy of my enemy" card sets and rules that can be used to create a common enemy of opposing factions that must be destroyed before the factions can fight it out for the win!

Another idea is to create new DC "kits" that provide new map tiles and/or cards and/or rules for expanded (larger scale or more complex) combat scenarios.  These kits would not necessarily have miniatures in them, but would have special cards to add more possibilities to a situation where a large number of targets (victims) exists or where the terrain is unique from the basic terrain sets.

Last idea I would like to share is a "Dungeon Command of the Month" club.  Players can subscribe (for a nominal fee) to receive a new card or two (possibly even an new miniature) in the mail that they can add to their DC game.  The possibilities of this kind of system could also allow for feedback on new DC ideas.   

I know the above ideas would have to be carefully designed and playtested to death, but if they were done right, they could bring more to the DC game concept and give more replay value to both the DC game and to our much loved miniatures collections.

Heck, maybe you lucky R&D guys already have thought of these things and I am just way behind the Wizards R&D bus.

I am seriously looking forward to playing Dungeon Command.  I see it as having great possibilities for me and my friends. 
Keep up imagination engine churning out there at Wizards.  You are living my dream and I support your efforts!!
I share your enthusiasm for DC.  I would definitly pay to be in the ''Dungeon Command of the month club''. The possibilities for small monthly expansions should be easy for this game (new order cards, miniature repaint, new tiles, new commander cards, new miniature cards, etc.).  

They could also release a dual game (Adventure system/DC ) expansion related to a theme.  Example : ''Lair of the Frost Giant" , which would feature :
- Large tiles usuable for both games
- A selection of miniatures
- New tokens (ice related terrain)
- Stat card for Adventure system
- Scenario book for Adventure system
- Stat card for DC, with a new commander.
- Even better, on Dragon online magazine, relase an adventure playable with the miniatures (small encounter).  Now you got your money worth and relatively small price (few miniatures, rulebook and cards).

I definitly hope Wotc have a few idea they are working on, because the game looks promising.  

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