Been a long time gone and new to 4e. questions about insider and combat managers for a new DM

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Hello all.
 I am new to 4e and I have just subscribed to insider in an atempt to get a compat manager that would help with encounter tracking . The one I was looking at said you needed to copy as rich txt and this option is no longer avalible.  Is there any adive you can give to a brand new gm for this this type of software that would make this a bit more on the easy side.
i use masterplan, it has a lot of great features for running games, as well as a combat tracker. its free
are you able to copy monsters out of the adventure tools with this??
Yes, you can export monsters out of the Adventure Tools and import them into Masterplan, or you can use an add-in to copy them directly.
I also use Masterplan as an indispensible part of my suite of DM tools.  I also use Power 2ool.
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