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Could anyone please tell me about what size the order and creature cards for this game will be?

I like to sleeve nearly all the cards I use gaming and can pick up a bunch of sleeves on clearance, just need to know if I should get mini sleeves or regular size. I would just order both, but I have zero use for mini sleeves currently.

Thanks in advance for your time
They are the same size as Magic cards. 
Chris Dupuis Tabletop Games Designer Dungeons & Dragons Twitter: gameguruchris
Thank you very much for that feedback, it's much appreciated.
I just sleeved the cards for the demo set I got for Game Day using standard size MtG sleeves.

Unfortunately, once they are sleeved they no longer fit in the slot in the plastic tray in the box and push the tiles out of their standard place too.

Time to go find another tackle box!

Cap'n Frank
Is the game box deep enough to accommodate a standard size deck box to hold the sleeved cards in? Maybe also a tackle/craft stow-a-way box for the mini's instead of the plastic tray they come in?

Unboxing on the Geekdad site mentioned the tray was a tad flimsy.
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