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    The PCs met in a small town. they were each visiting it for the midusmmer festival. but soemthing went wrong. The Summer Maiden didn't show up. Neither did any of the traders or visitors from her village, Carras. This is Carras' first year in quite a while that they get to choose the summer maiden. The PCs volunteer to travel to Carras to see what's going on. As they approached the town, by fishing boat comign down the coast, they saw the town's famous statue of the ancient hero Paelias carved into the cliffs above the town. eventually they investigated the monestary above the statue, and found the courtyard full of all the dead villagers.[they is where they are right now]. When they enter Paelias' tomb, which is in the cavity behind the statue, they will find a necromancer doing some sort of archaeological dig. his minions and zombies will fight the PCs. when they slay him, the PCs will find his research notes.

      From the necromancers notebook, they discover that The Witch Queen of Hamar Kath, a powerful and ancient lich, has broken free of her prison. The necromancer was tryign to find the words of power used by Paelias and his paladin brotherhood to seal The Witch Queen back into her tomb. He's doing this because she is a vastly more powerful necromancer than him, and he can't tolerate that. The necromancer has already learned the power word from the tomb of Paelias' dwarven ally, but he was too paranoid to write it down, so the PCs must travel there to discover it for themselves. on the way they have enough misadventures that they are about level 4-5 when they get there[they are only level 1 right now].

after obtaining the power word from the Dwarf's tomb, the PCs discover that the minions of the Witch Queen are destroying the tomb of one of the other paladins, so his power word will be lost forever. I don't know how they will learn of this, but once they do, they have to get there within a short time, or the word will be lost forever, or at least significantly harder to recover. problem is, the only way to get there fast enough is through a mountain pass ruled by a Storm titan. They're only level 5-6, so they have no chance to fight him. he'll let them through on one condition. they must recover(steal) his human lover's(it's romantic, but no sex) staff from a nearby city. onc ehtey do, they are free to cross the pass and confront the minions of the Witch Queen. and that's where I'm stuck. I don't know where to go from there. I know I want them to eventually travel to a town ruled by the reincarnation of the deva paladin, but the deva has grown corrupt over the centuries, so they must steal the power word from under his nose.

And this is kind of secondary, bu I'm not sure hwo the words of power will be written. I'm thinking they'll be words in celestial, but I'm not super fond of that idea.

tl;dr the PCs are recovering word of power from the tombs of ancient paladins, so they can use them to seal away the Witch Queen of Hamar-kath, an ancient lich. but I don't have many Ideas how they will discover the location of the tombs, or what will happen as they travel between them.
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