Bored with Dungeons and Dragons..What's Next?

I have been DMing for over 10+ years. Means to say, I am exhausted with ideas for new adventures. My group loves to play d20 games. I have found a multitude of d20 games we could play. There is just one question I would like to ask all of you guys and gals. Which would you choose? 

You probably need a little more background on my group, well, here it is. I play with a small group, at most five people. Most often we play a game with two players and one DM. One member is a hack and slash kind of player. He doesn't roleplay well and loves to just kill things with his axe. The other is a roleplayer. He loves to get into the intrigues and stories of the game and setting.

So again, my question is: If you had a group such as this, which d20 or any rpg would you choose as a good alternative to the ever popular Dungeons and Dragons....and don't say Pathfinder!