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I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Java twice now and both times receiving the new version of 1.7 update 5 of java.  According to the wizards VT F.A.Q., minimum requirements state Java v6.22 or newer.

Every time I open it up, I receive this error:

I installed 1.6 update 33 and it still works with that version (you do not have to unistall 1.7 update 5, just install this one as well and select it from your control panel/java).    Here is the DL link:
Don't bother. They are closing the vt down. Not enough support for it. I guess all of our money isnt enough. I'm done with this ****. Done. Out.
Well there is a way out...

I am the Vice-President of GameTable Online and I am happy to say we will be adopting the VT platform and are currently preparing to host it at our new RPG portal. GTO coded and developed the VT so we are very familiar with the platform and are excited to be going live with this roleplaying game application.

The anticipated name for the new VT will be RPGTable Online and we have claimed the URL address of  We have some work to do to prepare for the transition but expect to be back to hosting online RPG sessions at the end of July!

A big concern for us was making sure that your existing VT Dungeons & Dragons campaigns are transferred to RPGTO. To transfer your active campaigns to RPGTable Online all you need to do is register at before we go live and email your GTO User Name and VT Screen Name to When the transition to the RPGTO site goes forward, our plan is to port your content over so all of your campaigns will be waiting for you!

GTO has been hosting online board games, since 2003 so we know and love games. We are looking forward to the opportunity to expand our online games to include RPGs application.

Robert Eng

I installed 1.6 update 33 and it still works with that version (you do not have to unistall 1.7 update 5, just install this one as well and select it from your control panel/java).    Here is the DL link:

As the customer service manager at GameTable Online, I recommend you clear your Java cache and make sure that you have only one version of Java enabled. You can find the directions for that at
I've never been a big user of the VT since I really haven't had a need for it but it's great to hear GTO will be picking up where WoTC left off so at least I have the option to use it in the future.  With the VT being in beta for so long I was wondering when an announcement like this would happen and whether GTO would be able to keep the VT running in some capacity ... and now I know!

I also assume that if GTO is keeping the VT running that WoTC also agreed to this in some manner so thank you to WoTC also for making this possible. 

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Any word on if the application will still support importing information from WoTC applications like the Character Builder and Monster Creator?  Will it remain in it's current "beta" state indefinately or will it receive more development?
Will GTO be updating the monster database and import content from Dungeon Magazine and  The VT is allowing me to game with friends & family that are over a thousand miles away, but we get to game every week, just like old times...PLEASE dont let this product faulter...its great!!
What ValonElendil said.  Will it still have connectivity to content and receive updates?

I use the VT as a DM tool, and it really streamlines things.  Without the ability to import characters and monsters, it's not much use to me.

Thanks and rock on! 
we dont know yet, just cross your fingers
we dont know yet, just cross your fingers

GTO's fingers are crossed with yours.
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