July: In The Works

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July: In The Work
By Bart Caroll

A Wednesday? The 4th of July fell on a Wednesday this year? Former Player-in-Chief Shelly Mazzanoble told me a story a few weeks back about how, as a kid, she distinctly remembered how disappointed she was when the 4th of July fell mid-week. She wanted to stay up and watch the fireworks, but knew it'd be ruined by having to get up early for school the next day.

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Note: This Column November: In The Work is incorrectly titled and should say July: In The Work

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EDIT The column's title was changed accordingly and now read July: In The Work.  Thanks ! 

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The Umber Hulk's Confuson Gaze for the Dungeon Command game...
After the Umber Hulk sldes the enemy, does the melee attack have to be the Umber Hulk's?
Does the melee attack have to be within the reach of the attacker?
It seems that if the enemy is 5 squares away and the enemy is slid 3 squares closer or farther away, the Umber Hulk could attack it, even though the enemy is not adjacent.
Just wondering how this power would play out in the game...
Any thoughts?
While you're bringing it up, can I look forward to any D&D goodies (Level 11-15) from Santa and his 9th level encounter, Not a Creature Was Stirring under my dire tree this year?

Vampire Class/Feat in 2013!

I prefer Next because 4E players and CharOpers can't find their ass without a grid and a power called "Find Ass."

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All around helpful simian

Thanks Quentin!

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sadly i am not very excited about the upcoming products. the only thing i will purchase from all this is the map pack