Age of Worms and the Rod of Seven Parts

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Background stuff that nobody will want to read:

A few months ago I was trying to find a really well done adventure path that would take adventurers from 1 to 20, likely something that will last my group well past the summer months where we can play the most. Through suggestions about having a nonlinear storyline connected by smaller, linear arcs, I tracked down the idea of using the Rod of Seven Parts as a campaign base (Party slowly pieces together the rod through many long adventures, then climaxing into an awesome final battle with some demonic BBEG where they use the reassembled rod to destroy him and avert apocalypse. Eventually, I located the Age of Worms campaign which seemed the perfect fit. As I scanned an overview of it I saw that it spanned from level 1 to 20, ended in the players fighting off a god, and involved the Rod of Seven Parts. Boom, I started reading the first adventure (and only the first adventure) saw that it included references to the rod, and am now three sessions in and almost through with the Whispering Cairn. However, now that I look ahead in the campaign I see that only one part of the Rod is even located in Age of Worms, and that the major conflict does not revolve or even ineract with the Rod of Seven Parts as I had assumed from the first adventure. This disapoints me, and makes me frustrated that I didn't read ahead in the adventure path to know not to overhype the adventurers finding a statue holding a wooden likeness of the completed staff in the Whispering Cairn.

So, I want to incorporate the Rod of Seven Parts into the Age of Worms storyline the way I thought it was originally. My questions to people who have run Age of Worms or any storyline that involved the Rod:

Where are good locations for players to have to go to collect the pieces of the Rod of Seven Parts?

For people familiar with Age of Worms, are there feasible encounters already written in the campaign to drop in pieces of the Rod? For example, the party find one in the posession of the Faceless One in the Three Faces of Evil story arc, or through some chance are awarded the piece as payment for succeeding in the Free City Gladiator Arena.
Currently DMing a 3.5e AoW game one night a week. Players are almost through Three Faces of Evil. If you are considering beginning this campaign using this edition, I can help.
Shameless self bump. Nobody has any advice on the Rod of Seven Parts?
Currently DMing a 3.5e AoW game one night a week. Players are almost through Three Faces of Evil. If you are considering beginning this campaign using this edition, I can help.
From what I recall digging up the rod of seven parts was a serious portion of the age of worms adventure path.  It sounded like it would mostly all be there.
The Rod of Seven Parts is really not a big deal in the Age of Worms. You don't need it to defeat Kyuss. If you want to add quests so they can gather it, I think you run the risk of getting away from and dragging out all the other action going on in the adventure path which is already going to take a long time on its own. (To give you an idea, I ran that path up to the second-to-last module and it took me 1.5 years with weekly sessions on average. Converted to 4e.) Thus, I would either let them find the ones that are in the modules (1, maybe 2?) and leave it at that or suggest they have another group of characters that tries to find the rest of the rods while their "main" group deals with the threat of Kyuss. Split your time/DMs accordingly.

There is an old 2e boxed set that had a whole campaign based around the Rod of Seven Parts. This might be a good follow-up to the Age of Worms adventure path, converted to 3.5.