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Is anyone else a bit dissapointed in the ending to Dragons of a Summer Flame? I mean, here's some questions I have:
-What happened to Tasslehoff? Did he die, or did one of the wight-shadow warriors get him?
-What happened to Raistlin, where is he going? Did he go back to the Abyss?
-What'll happen to Palin and Usha? Will they get married? What about Palin trying to further his magic?
-Why just kill Sturm and Tanin Majere?! Not even giving them a main role?!
-And kill Tanis? REALLY?!
-At the end, where did the gods go? Yes I know they left Kyrnn, but I mean, why? Yes they didn't want Chaos to destroy them, but he was pushed back. They could've stayed!
-What'll happen to the Knights of Tahkisis(Nerka now) and the Knights of Somolia(Spelling?)
-And at the very end of the book, it talks about a red star and that mankind isn't alone. What the hell? Is that the new planet the gods talked about?

I have many more questions, but I love the series. It's questions like these that leave me and others thinking, making the book 10 fold better.

If you could answer some of the questions without spoiling anything in any of the future books, I'd be thankful. (I'm just now starting on War of Souls.)
Greetings, IrishWolfe!

Many of your questions can be answered in the War of Souls trilogy, beginning with Dragons of a Fallen Sun. I'll try not to spoil things too much, but here are some answers.

Tas has one more story to be told, which ties into the ending of Summer Flame. Raistlin also has one more adventure.

Palin and Usha do marry, and have children - Linsha and Ulin.

Yes, Tanis dies, and in a most tragic way. Some fans have been critical of how he died, but Weis and Hickman retort that in real life, death is often tragic.

Tanin and Sturm's deaths, while sad, was necessary for the development of Palin. He relied on his brothers up until that point.

As for the gods leaving Krynn...there's more to that than meets the eye. Again, read up on the War of Souls trilogy.

If you want to discuss this further, feel free to visit DragonlanceForums.com! We've got a great DL community there.

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