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Hello all,

I'm a 34 year old UK resident and keen player of D&D for many years. I've played pretty much every version since the original red box onward. Due to difficulty travelling and a lack of anyone around me interested, I'm looking to join an online game. I'm able to download whatever is needed, and time isn't as difficult for me as it is for others, due to my occupation.

I'm keen to play any setting bar Eberron.

I should also note, I was the DM consistently for our group over the years, but as a player it's all pretty new to me.

Looking forward!


hi, there are a lot of similarities here...I'm also 34 and live in the UK and have played D&D for many years.I've also played a few different versions since the early days.I would like to join an online game but have never done so before but for the last few weeks have been trying to get in a game.If someone could just tell me what to download and when to meet i'll be there.

I've never been a DM but have always wanted to, I've got whole campaigns ready to go and loads of ideas just never had a group to work with.

So if you do manage to get a game please give me a shout.

Hello John,

I haven't had much chance finding an online game, using the tabletop, but what I have found is a group where people play by post on a forum.

It's not as fluid and fast moving as a real / online game would be, as you have to wait for everyone to post and that normally takes a day or so. That said, I see a lot more roleplaying and the descriptive side of things is good.

Check out this game for example :

I do plan to DM a few games on there in the future, so if you don't have any luck in getting in, I'll sort you out a slot. :]


Nick :] 
Hi Nick

Thanks for the heads up,I've checked out thegame and looks good, seems to be quite a lot of interest so dont know if I'll be able to play but you never know. Hopefully we will get a game together at some point one way or the other and if you do DM in the future definitely get me onboard.


John : )    
hey guys, if your still looking for a game send me a PM? I just made a post in the gamers seeking gamers place looking for a few people who're mature. 
Great! PM sent.
Hey there im 24 would love to try and play an online game but am completely new to this kind of thing if you guys are still looking and my lack of experience is ok please pm me

Thanks Spunkie
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