D&D Gamer Classifieds: Posting Guidelines

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Welcome to the D&D Gamer Classifieds, where you can connect with other gamers for online gaming.

In order for you to find other gamers and for them to find you, please keep in mind a few guidelines.

1. When posting a new thread, be sure to put your preferred online method of play in the subject line.  Also include your preferred edition and/or setting.  For example:

[Skype] Looking for 3.5 Eberron players to play via Skype on the weekends.

2. If you have any special requirements or requests, be sure to include them in your initial post.  For example:

Looking for 3-4 players age 18+ for an evil-characters Eberron campaign.  Video calling is preferred but not required. 

3. When arranging a meeting, don't post personal e-mail or chat aliases on these forums.  If you need to share that information, do so via PM.

4. Good luck and have fun! 

All around helpful simian