What ever happened to the chaos scar?

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WotC said they were going to release updates for it every month but then they just abandoned it. What gives?
I believe it was a pseudo adventure path that concluded about level 10. I think there was a final concluding adventure about 6 months ago. 

There might be more info in the dungeon magazine forum. 
DnD Next "announcements" and advertisements for 3.x and 1st Edition reprints take precident over any 4E support, now that 4E is a "lame duck" version of the game.

They supported it for a time, but there were likely not enough A-quality pitches for the Chaos Scar which slowed releases. Then WotC had its "refocusing" and made the decision to really focus on "story" which didn't mesh well with a sandbox campaign where the PCs just investigated caves. That pretty much killed it.

Then, the editor of the magazines was laid off, pretty much putting the final nail in that coffin. 

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chaos scar was really cool conceptually, except for their reluctance to support high level play with it. pcs can only be low level for so long. of course, considering how hapless and inept they are at balancing high level play its probably for the best
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