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I dont know if this deck is doing well anymore but from what I hear it hasn't really ever been play in my area (there's about three stores within 20 blocks from eachother) So I thought it might be a nice this to bring in before M13 comes out and completely puts a end to the deck. 

This is my guess how the deck should be built

This is off the top of my head. Any help would be awesome

Not nearly enough creatures to work. keep the tracker's instinct and though scour, go down to 2 mulch and lose alchemy alltogether (instinct does this better, and you can actually flash it back. I would actually include 1 or 2 of Artful Dodge and Gnaw to the Bone. Gnaw lets you play very, very aggressively with very little worries, so you can crash your guys in and trade all day long. It's not uncommon to gain 20+ life off a single casting, and I've ended games with over 70 life.

You should be able to go down a land or two. I run 22 land, and thats with 4 evolving wilds. I never have mana issues, since my deck caps out at 3 (I don't count Ghoultree). All things considered, it shouldnt work that well, but it does.

Boneyard wurm is ironically bad, and armored skaab isnt agressive enough. I would replace them, and try to get up to about 26ish creatures. anything less and you stand a chance of milling chunks of not creatures.

Some creatures to consider (that have served me well)
Ghoultree - I run three, they go great with the next guy...
Ulvenwald Tracker - You need removal to punch through, this guy does it handily.
Alchemist's Apprentice - He cantrips, and guarantees a t3 fright will live if you need one.
Tower Geist - Flying body (relevant) and filters through your deck.
Ambush Viper - Kills most of the format's boogeymen DEAD.
Strangleroot Giest - seems counterproductive, but he blocks like a boss and you get 2 uses out of him with Ulvenwald Tracker. Not to mention he is a great beater all by himself, and can help you apply early game pressure to keep your opponent playing reactionary.

Here's my list, for refernce:

Hope that helps!
These G/U self-mills are fun, but not that great for competitions.  That being said, Merfolk Looter is an all-star, allowing you to mill at least one card per turn, and in my experience, Spider Spawning makes these things much scarier to face, Kessig Cagebreakers is a very solid card too. 
not very good after you show it once, once they sideboard in their spell bombs your life is going to be hard and basically hoping for them to have bad hands.  I build one waiting on the sets to swap out and figured out that m13 has a card that is even worse than the damnable spellbomb.  Sad face, though I'll link to my deck I finally finished up with.  When played against my FNM crushing Wolf Run Ramp deck, I actually win about half the time, depending on if I can get a ghoultree out with artful dodges or larger splinterfrights.  Usually end games with gnaw to the bone also, ended the last one I played with the deck at 83 life. 

Gnaw to the Bone is insane, the fact that it has flashback is almost too good.  I had amazing results from Increasing Confusion, especially if it gets milled.  
The way to have good fun with this deck is to play casual matches with no sideboarding
I've won through GY hate before, you just have to play carefully. Only one threat is DEPENDANT on the yard, and thats splinterfright. Once tree is on the table he doesn't care about the yard, and he does plenty of work. You can also create sideboard options for games where you think Spellbomb might be played, and just turn this deck into a u/g facebeater. Truthfully, most people don't side in yard hate right now because most of the top decks aren't hurt by it (not even snapcaster), so you should be safe. Just check your meta beforehand and see if there are more than a few GY based decks, then plan accordingly.
Needs more red and faithless looting

IMAGE(http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g424/syreal94/SIGS1AL.png) Sig by zpikduM.

I run this Splinterfright style deck often, but with B/U, as opposed to green.

That said, a solitary Time Reversal to reset the game late on (just in case you lose to milling yourself, I've done it plenty of times!) might be worth considering. Outside of standard, I run a copy of Gaea's Blessing to the same effect.

Phyrexian Revoker will put an end to Tormod's Crypt for three months, then you're probably looking at countering it or Crushing Vines

DCI Judge Level 1

Needs more red and faithless looting

Speaking of red, is Fling  a viable option for these types of decks?

I think you'll still see more Nihil Spellbomb than Crypt until rotation.  Revoker is nice, but somewhat frail against the decks that will have these kinds of graveyard hate.  Not sure I can think of anything better though.
my meta runs hardly any graveyard based decks, but almost every person has a couple spellbombs in their sideboards
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