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I would love to keep moving on expanding the wiki.

What would people like to see expanded next? We have a basic history and a list of the Gods and I expanded all the geographical knowledge in the Nentir Vale Wiki.

I think maybe a guilds and groups section (because the Wolves of Maldeen article has no associated geography to fit on the geography pages)? An expanded section on the major gods and where to find relevant info might be great too. A full page with basic mythology, exarchs, notable temples, and astral domains.

Does anyone know the limits to WotC's tolerance for book fluff online? 
How about a way to link disparate fluff about monsters too . . . is that way to ambitious?
It's ambitious, for sure. I don't own much physical material other than CoN and the core books, so I don't have a lot of the fluff for monsters from the various MMs (otherwise I'd offer to help).

Would linking the various citations to the actual articles in Dungeon and Dragon be helpful?
If you click thorugh they are linked to the articles. I originially was doing issue numbers, but started to realize better of it.

I don't have CoN, do the cards have any fluff on them? I was only able to get the rulebook online.

We havent' heard anything about Mithralfast in the books, yet suddenly it's the most important place in CoN? 
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