Small islands and lots of sailing campaign! Need ideas please!!!

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I Started a Heroic campaign that is set in on a Planet containing mostly of Water (the largest known island is about the size of Hawaii), Like zelda Wind waker. This idea obviously means that Sailing and traveling is a large part of the game. I cant think of many fun ways to spruse up Travel besides random encounters or some kind of risk and reward system (Risk Healing surges or "food" to inspect strange distant objects). Any ideas would be rad thanks a lot! 

So far I have:

1.Come upon small island, Air or sea to ground monsters breeding ground.
2. come upon island, Dragons treasure nest.
3. Kraken attack (Small)
4. Pirates Generic
5. Pirates Ghostly
6. Pirates supernatural
7. Sea fort, Hostile military (take over sell or keep fort)
8. Sea fort, Friendly military (side quest)
9. Sucken castle, just the highest tower protruding.  

You should read Chris Perkins column The Dungeon Master Experience. He talks about the game he's currently running in his Iomandra world. There are lots of islands and ships and whatnot. Last months issue of Dragon and Dungeon had lots of seafaring stuff.

Cry Havoc!  And let slip the hogs of war!

You should read any kind of sailing adventure story. Sinbad, the Odessy, the Saga of Eric the Red, etc.

There are tons you can do.

Come upon island with almost any kind of mini quest. This gives you the most scope.
Come upon another ship. Ghost ship and pirate ship are obvious, but how about a mini-quest on another ship? Perhaps a merchant ship warning of danger etc.
Attack by underwater creatures (e.g. sahaguin), perhaps some crew/party members are kidnapped and they have an underwater miniquest. 
A storm. Could be a trial in itself, could blow them off course, could be a magical storm, could contain air elementals, some kind of storm dragon or other magical creature.
Stowaway - the adventure happens on their own ship. Could just be some kid, could be a magical, potentially evil monster. Maybe one of the crew is possessed. Maybe they brought a cursed item on board. Maybe the cargo is a dangerous creature.
In fact, they could be asked to transport any strange cargo.
A mutiny/potential mutiny.
One of the crew is a thief or similar and keeps causing trouble. Things could go missing for a while before they actually find him.

A lot of things which you might do on land can easily be adapted for the sea. The simplest way would just be to stick them on a random island, but bandits become pirates, land monsters become sea monsters, etc.

I'm sure you can think of a few things. 
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