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Dungeon Command Preview 4 & Galleries
By Peter Lee

For Dungeon Command, you take on the role of a Commander of a warband of creatures. Today let's take a closer look at Valnar Trueblade from the Heart of Cormyr pack, and Kalteros the Sellsword from Sting of Lolth.

In today's preview, we look at the complete miniatures galleries for the Dungeon Command faction packs Heart of Cormyr and Sting of Lolth.

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I think it is great that WOTC has launched a new miniatures game. I haven't played it yet but I look forward to it when I have the opportunity to do so (probably July 21st on game day).

I say that to emphasize that I am looking forward to checking out the new game but based on the previews I am not inclined to spend any money on these faction packs.


As someone who played the older skirmisher game and someone who bought minis for D&D in general I already have almost all of these minis. So these minis won't serve double duty for me in the skirmisher game as well as the rpg. This limits their value.

To be honest if I wanted to play a skirmisher game with them I still have the old game. I know WOTC probably saved a lot of money in production going with older molds but I think they are going to take a hit on the customer side when it comes to people like me who don't want to buy more copies of the same old minis. Seriously, in some cases I already have dozens of some of these minis.

So when I do get to play this game to turn it into a sale the game has to be more than good. It has to be SO good it convinces me to purchase even more duplicates.

My suggestion to WOTC for the next faction packs is to invest in new molds. If you are going to reuse molds then that needs to be limited to 2 or maybe 3 minis in a faction pack.

Before anyone says it. Imho, new paint jobs does not make them new minis. I can repaint the ones I have now and I often do to customize them for encounters.
I was quite apprehensive about the Cormyr set, because they had shown none of the figures before today. But I admit I like the set and will probably get it. It's a bit sad that they reused three figures from the board games, but mine are still unpainted so I'm OK with that.
I likely won't be playing the Skirmish game. I plan on running DemonQueen Enclave later this year so I will probably purchase mulitples of the Drow set and at least one of the Cormyr set.

As a fan of the D&D Miniatures I plan on giving my support to WotC for them. But only for the miniatures and only to support my 4E campaigns.

The fact that both sets are 95% repaints and we are only seeing the miniatures preview now is rather pathetic (I previously posted this comment elsewhere), In comparison, Paizo's Rise of the Runelords set released a month after Dungeon Command and they have been releasing previews since January. Almost the entire set has been previewed in a gallery over at

One positive about Dungeon Command is the new sculpts are pretty good. Lets hope the paint jobs are decent.
I really hope they start to provide some support for those of us that have an extensive minis collection already. I already have WoTC D&D minis in 4 game formats (2 different editions of the skirmish game, the MM editions that don't provide any skirmish game stat cards and the Adventure game minis). While I don't mind that they are recycling these minis I do mind that some are usable for some games and not others. Kudos on getting it right by providing Adventure game cards with Dungeon Command, anyway you can open up the possible market for a minis line into multiple buying groups the more likely the line will be profittable, (Dungeon command players, Adventure game players, D&D RPG players and of course those of us that play them all). I don't expect any of these to come with stat cards for the older "dead" skirmish games as they are no longer supported but perhaps card packs for the Older minis lines to allow them to be used in (perhaps unofficial/non organized event) games of dungeon command and/or at the very least cards for the Adventure game (this one could easily be done with packs of blank cards and a PDF listing of Adv. game stats for monsters by set).

I have nothing against trying out a new minis game, I do however have something against having a multitude of minis all from the same company and obviously for the same setting but for many games and not particularly usable for for anything but the D&D RPG.

Think about it WoTC, you could build up some happy customer base Karma by at least considering one of the options (my vote is for the Adventure game one).
Memo to Wotc Developers:

Paizo is producing new minis.  While some of their sculpts and paint jobs are simplistic, they are no more so than a typical D&D common miniature of years past.  Further, some of Paizo's sculpts and paint jobs are off the charts excellent.  Better than most rares in my collection. 

Wotc, after a lengthy hiatus, is finally producing new miniatures too.  This makes me happy.  Except they aren't new.  They're mostly repaints.  Mostly repaints of miniatures I already have. 

My vote, and more importantly my money, will be going to Paizo, until such a time as you give me some new miniatures to get excited about.
I would also prefer if WotC would not phrase the wording to make it sound as if retailers will have packs for free use.  Simply stating packs for purchase to participate will/would prevent stores from having to deal with irritated gamers.  Unless something has changed since last I spoke with my WotC representative and my questions regarding this.
I would hope at least one set of each faction would be provided for purposes of demoing the game. Otherwise, how will people be able to try before they buy? I know I would prefer to try it before I buy into it.
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Harn and Synth, I am pretty sure stores will have an open copy of each set on the Game Day.
Yeah, they are supposed to have sets for people to play around with. I know my FLGS will.

I want to spend money on this game but I need miniature replay value. I will be watching the game line closely.
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