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You kinda left that hanging.

[evil 'gona]Don't bother me now, I'm tryin to find 23 Size AAAAAAAAAAA batteries for the old Sarcasm Detectoromatic. 

What are you babbling about?
[/evil 'gona]

That response to MTGKai in the Tangent thread. 

[evil 'gona]Eh?[/evil 'gona]

You said the EPotM is never late.  We both know that's not true.

[evil 'gona]Of course it's true, we said it and we are infallible.[/evil 'gona]

Right.  Odds are phenomenal that someone will post evidence of you being wrong about your tardiness within hours.

[evil 'gona] Doubtful, the old threads vanished years ago...[/evil 'gona]

You know you could avoid that by saying something like you forgot to finish the thought?

[evil 'gona]You mean you forgot to let us finish?[/evil 'gona]

Something like that.  Anyway, why don't you get the evil team to help you with that?

[evil 'gona]Decent idea, that.  You sick or something?[/evil 'gona]


[evil 'gona] 

Time for you folk to do a little work. Post possible responses to the following:

The Evil Posts of the Month are never late...

[/evil 'gona]


...time is different for those with split personalites.

[evil 'gona]Ugh. Happily evil team members are a lot more clever than you.  Is this one of those contests thingies like we used to do?[/evil 'gona]

Hmm. Dunno.  I'll think about it.  At the least we'll give immortality to the best by sigging it.  

Thank you, Erik.
The Evil Posts of the Month are never late ... just like the shuffler isn't broken.  :: rolleyes ::

The Evil Posts of the Month are never late ... they're just sometimes stuck in Stasis

The Evil Posts of the Month are never late ... sometimes they're on the wrong train (but trust me -- they'll get to Algona Estates eventually because all trains pass by there).

Come join Team Apathy! or not whatever shrug.gif
Yo! tm  afro.gif

The Evil Posts of the Month are never late... they're just pregnant.
I can't spare a moment for the dog faced boy I won't lend another hand to the worm girl of Hanoi Don't deplete my oxygen for the guy who's turning blue But ask me, and I'll do anything for you
The EPotM are never late, they are intentionally withheld to increase suffering.

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You posted saying my thread was moved/locked but nothing happened.

Unfortunately, VCLs do not currently have the tools necessary to take moderation actions directly. VCLs submit their actions to ORCs, who then actually perform the action. This processing can take between a few minutes and several hours, depending on how busy/attentive the ORCs are.

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General MTGO FAQ

Yes, the Shuffler is Random!
The definitive thread on the Magic Online shuffler.

Magic Math Made Easy
Draw probabilities, Swiss results, Elo ratings and booster EV

Event EV Calculator
Calculate the EV for any event with a fixed number of rounds and prizes based on record

Dual means two. A duel is a battle between two people. Lands that make two colors of mana are dual lands. A normal Magic battle is a duel.
Thanks to PhoenixLAU for the [thread=1097559]awesome avatar[/thread]!

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The EPotM is never late. It is stuck to a skull on a stick over in the corner.
Batteries not included.
In Soviet EPotM, you are late

My forever unfinished blog of the 2010 MTGO Community Cup: if you're ever bored...
The EPotM is never late...just fashionable! Dr. Evil

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The Evil Posts of the Month are never late... they always arrive well before leagues return
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