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Hey, not sure if theres one out there. But is there an app for smartphones or what is more desired  ipod/iphone? 

Pretty much as a reason if we don't wish to print out sheets each time we level, or if its a sudden play thing. That way you are prepared and don't need a laptop per person.  I usually always have my ipod, but laptop is a different game. Sure it is nice to have a larger screen to see character sheet, and to save trees. 

Off topic, yes. But just really trying to get an app to save a character sheet or two, or even three on it. And then when my friends play again, I could pull out ipod and bam. Character sheet right there. Be it we need a defender that night, I have my warden. A controler defender hybrid, got it. A druid that is as much threat to allies as enemies. got it. Or if because nobody ever wishes to heal except me, I have my cleric. Obviously printing out and keeping four characters on me at all times is odd.

And it helps because I also have ready made characters for my buds since all of our printed sheets... well one of them got dog crap on it when sick. And others, we think vaporized in the sun. 
I think there's iplay4e for the iphone or ksheet for android, both allow you to view your character once you have imported your character file from the builder. At least as far as I remember, been a while since I tried any of them.
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